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MV Agusta

As autumn deepens and November approaches, the world of motorcycling turns its attention to Milan, Italy, where one of the most anticipated events in the industry calendar is about to unfold: EICMA 2023. This year, the spotlight intensifies on legendary Italian manufacturer MV Agusta, a marque synonymous with style, performance, and innovation in the realm of two-wheeled machinery.

The anticipation bubbles not just for what the company will reveal as their latest contributions to ‘Motorcycle Art,’ but for the new era dawning upon them through their strategic partnership with Pierer Mobility AG, the parent company of another powerhouse, KTM. As enthusiasts and experts speculate on the unveilings and announcements MV Agusta will make, the stage is set for a grand presentation that could redefine the brand’s future and reshape expectations in the high-performance motorcycle segment.

EICMA 2023

MV Agusta will be returning with a new partner, Pierer Mobility AG, and a roster of new and returning models.


What to expect from MV Agusta at EICMA 2023:

  • The 9.5 project, a Ducati DesertX-rivaling adventure machine, will be revealed in its final form.
  • Returning models for the 2024 model year, such as the Superveloce 98 Edizione Limitata and the Brutale 1000 RR, will be on display.
  • New models and initiatives that will delight fans and owners from across the world.

What the partnership with Pierer Mobility AG means for MV Agusta:

  • With KTM’s parent company as a new partner, MV Agusta has grown stronger and expanded its operational capabilities.
  • We can expect quite a lot of activity from the Italian brand in the months and years to come.

Here are a few things that enthusiasts and potential customers might expect from MV Agusta at the event:

Pierer Mobility AG

  • Showcasing of New Models and Technologies: With the return of iconic models like the Superveloce and the Brutale, fans can expect a blend of classic aesthetics with potentially new technologies inspired or influenced by their collaboration with KTM. The showcasing will likely focus on advancements in performance, handling, and possibly integration of advanced electronic riding aids, given the trend in modern high-performance motorcycles.

9.5 project

  • Reveal of the “9.5 Project”: The much-anticipated 9.5 project, also known as the “Lucky Explorer,” is expected to be a major highlight. If it is positioned as a competitor to models like the Ducati DesertX, we can anticipate a motorcycle with robust off-road capabilities, possibly highlighting features such as advanced suspension technology, terrain management systems, and a design conducive to both adventure and comfort. Its reveal will answer many questions regarding its specifications, design, and the direction the company intends to take in the adventure segment.

New models and Returning models

  • Insight into MV Agusta’s Future Direction: Under the new partnership, there’s curiosity about how MV Agusta’s brand identity will evolve. While they have assured that the essence of “Motorcycle Art” will remain, there might be subtle shifts in design philosophy, incorporation of new technology, and expansion into new motorcycle segments or markets, influenced by Pierer Mobility AG’s presence in various motorcycle niches.
  • Expanded Market Strategy: Part of the excitement will be learning about MV Agusta’s strategy for market expansion, especially with KTM’s distribution network. This could potentially mean a broader availability of MV Agusta motorcycles, enhanced customer service, and possibly the integration of more competitive pricing strategies to position their bikes attractively in the premium motorcycle segment.

Adventure Machine

  • Collaborative Projects and Initiatives: While the primary focus for fans might be on motorcycles, MV Agusta may also unveil other collaborative projects or initiatives. These could range from technology-sharing, and co-branded merchandise, to racing sponsorships or entries, highlighting the new level of resources and market presence that the partnership intends to leverage.
  • Engagement and Experiential Marketing: Finally, given that EICMA is a significant event for motorcycle enthusiasts, MV Agusta might offer immersive experiences. This could be through virtual reality experiences, interactive displays, or test rides, all aimed at ensuring that fans and potential customers can feel, understand, and immerse themselves in the future of MV Agusta.


The EICMA stage will indeed be a significant platform for MV Agusta to solidify its position in the global motorcycle industry, promising a blend of heritage, performance, art, and a new chapter of innovation through its strategic partnership.

In retrospect, EICMA 2023 stands as a historical waypoint for MV Agusta, marking its trajectory in the competitive landscape of global motorcycling. Amidst the thunderous applause and flash of cameras, what remains clear is that MV Agusta is not just preserving its storied legacy; it’s propelling it into a future crafted by innovative engineering, strategic collaborations, and an unwavering commitment to the aesthetics and emotions that motorcycles evoke.

The partnership with Pierer Mobility AG promises a horizon broadened by shared technology, expansive distribution, and an infusion of new ideas, all while honouring the heartbeat of MV Agusta’s philosophy: the creation of motorcycle art that captivates the world. As the curtains close on this year’s expo, the reverberations from MV Agusta’s showcase will continue to ripple through the industry, igniting discussions, dreams, and, undoubtedly, a new chapter of legendary riding experiences.

MV Agusta

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