Not surprisingly, Benelli has worked on TRK 502 to unchartered territory. 

With the TRK 502 winning the hearts of many avid riders, Benelli has been on a mission to build an even better model. 

While details remain scarce, more information is expected to surface about this new machine in the coming months. Here’s all that we know close to its launch.


It is currently working on an even sportier, more off-road capable variant of its most popular model. Dubbed the TRK 700, this upcoming adventure bike is expected to see the light of day shortly.

At the moment, Benelli is yet to reveal what the TRK 700 can offer, but given it has existed in type-approval documents for the last few months.There’s reason to believe that photos of the upcoming adventure bike will surface soon. And here they are 

From the images in the type-approval documents. It looks as though Benelli has taken a much more serious approach this time around. 


TRK 700 Specs

While the TRK 502 was a fun bike to ride, its performance was hindered by its small dimensions, short travel suspension and narrow bars. 

The official images show that Benelli has now addressed these shortcomings with a more extended. More aggressive-looking chassis and fully adjustable WP suspension set up at both ends. 

From the documents and the images, we can see the aesthetics and chassis arrives from the TRK 502. However, in the case of TRK 700 Swingarm changes. 

Also, there is no windshield. However, we think the windshield could be mounted later.

The only speculation that remains is about the name of this bigger 700cc mid-sized adventure bike.

Further to the 693cc, the two-cylinder engine will calibrate to 76 horses with 68Nm at 6250 rpm torque. 

The performance specs are identical to the QJ Motors SRG 700.

The TRK 700 appears to be a larger, more capable version of the TRK 502, sharing its frontal silhouette and oval-shaped headlights.

The TRK 700 will arrive in two variants. The standard TRK 700 is expected to come with alloy wheels and road tires, while the TRK 700 X version will have spoke wheels and dual-purpose tires.

When do we see it? Well, with 2022 EICMA on the horizon, we would expect Benelli to bring the TRK 700.



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