For fall weather riding, you need a jack of all trades — The Bering Hobart

 For fall weather riding, you need a jack of all trades — The Bering Hobart

Travelling by motorcycle has become increasingly popular as people look for alternative ways to get around. And as such, the Hobart jacket was born. 


Bering set out to create an authentic adventure-ready jacket that hearkened back to the iconic dual-purpose adventure jackets of decades past. It’s easy to see what they were going for. 

The final product sports a contemporary-styled design with a mix of technical features. And a unique aesthetic that’s a bit retro and a bit high-tech.

The Hobart jacket arrives as a premium piece of gear built from the finest leather on the market. It also boasts a host of technical features to make it a companion for a wide range of rider activities. 

Bering designed the jacket with its Clean Air System (CAS) ventilation system. Which prevents riding gear warming up as it heats up.


Bering is primarily known for its classic, timeless moto outerwear.With items like their Portland worn by plenty of riders who love the style. Quality, and comfort unmatched in the motorcycle industry. 

The brand also produces street-oriented gear.But they’re treading familiar territory with the Hobart jacket.

The Hobart is a slim black or brown leather motorcycle jacket designed with functionality and style. 


Bering’s classic cafe-style jacket comes updated with excellent zippers. And refined finishes that allow the Hobart to stand out from the crowd. 

For example, the jacket’s front zipper vents add a nice modern touch while quickly accessing gloves. And other gear when needed.

The stylish collar can be worn up or down.While the removable waist strap gives the rider added flexibility in adjusting for comfort. 


Beringer has designed the Hobart Jacket with a close cut for a sporty look. Technical detailing to aid in riding performance. And an updated ShieldTex abrasion-resistant fabric to protect from the elements. 

Bering added a removable thermal liner for colder temperatures to keep riders warm through the winter.

The latest addition to the Bering line of jackets. The Hobart aims at daily commuters who find themselves in unpredictable weather. 


The Hobart comes as a armoured jacket with an active waterproof/breathable membrane. AAA CE rated protectors, adjustable arms. And ergonomically designed shoulder, elbow, and back protections.

The jacket will retail at €459.99 ($535 ). The jacket comes in various sizes from S-4XL.

Source: Bering

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