Will the new Zongshen G250R take on KTM 250 Duke ?

 Will the new Zongshen G250R take on KTM 250 Duke ?

While KTM continues making it big with its Duke range of motorcycles.Many motorcycle manufacturers worldwide have been trying to capture the exuberance from within this segment. 

One such company, Zongshen from China, has brought a new 250-cc naked roadster. The G250R – which will be a direct rival to Apache RR 310 and the KTM 250 Duke.

Chinese company based in Chongqing, was quick to catch up on the small-bore Duke trend. And launched its range of bikes under the banner of Zongshen. 

Zongshen is known for its prowess in manufacturing electric scooters and Tricycle. But it also supplies large volumes of two-wheelers to the local police force.So we’re taking a closer look at one of their latest creations — the G250R — here today.

But to cash in on this resurgence of interest toward smaller bikes.Another motorcycle manufacturer Zongshen—has decided that it is about time they release their iteration of a fun, small-capacity motorcycle. Having already nailed the market with its 250cc growler (the CPS250).




Zongshen has turned to the quarter-litre class with the G250R, and it does so in a big way. So big that we can’t call the G250R a quarter-litre, and instead, we have to call it a 249cc bike!

As for now, Zongshen has set its sights on the 250cc segment with the G250R.Which rounds up an exciting line-up of motorcycles powered by single-cylinder engines. 

Zongshen has great respect for the capabilities of his Austrian rival.So they had taken it upon himself to throw his hat into the ring with the all-new G250R. 

Packing almost equivalent performance levels, will this new offering be able to stand up to the Duke? 

That is critical question, but to help you decide which bike is best for you.Here are a few reasons to consider why you might want one over the other.


The G250R gets a 249cc, single-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 24.16hp and a 21Nm peak torque.

The Zongshen G250R arrives with disc brakes on both wheels. Further, it has dual-channel ABS for more safety. Suspension duties performed by mono-shock on the rear and inverted forks on the opposite end.

China-based Zongshen has captured the imagination of many with the G250R, its first foray into the Asian market. The G250R promises performance and style, and it mostly delivers. So, is this bike worthy of your consideration? 

Time will tell.

Source: Newsbytes


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