Zongshen seems to love the unusual motorcycle styling, and the RA9 takes that to new levels.

Looking for the world like a cross between a drag racer. And a speedway bike is a powerful way of producing a sports-style motorcycle with outstretched arms. But it looks highly effective in action. 

The excellent exhaust shows which way the styling was intended to go like a dragster. 


Now what better place to reveal the next Zongshen cruiser bike concept. Than flanked by the bonanza of freakshow machines that takes the notion of niche motorcycle design to its extreme. 


Cool concept

One of a few concepts to be revealed at this year’s show, the RA9 looks like a triumph of styling over physics and ergonomics in a good way. 

The one-off styling theme includes a single-seat, stubby tail section. Single exhaust and a headlight/number plate unit that comprises the rear bodywork. 

Add to this some fairly tasty bodywork sections, and you have a looker.

However, tubular steel section and cast alloy arrive from Dorsoduro and Shiver with a new single-sided swingarm.

The powerplant arrives from the Aprilia DOHC V-twin, however, with the RA9 spec.

The Shiver had 750cc, Aprilia made it to 896cc and the for Dorsoduro, the went on to became 1,197cc for 2011. However, RA9 arrives as 987c.


via Cycleworld


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