Watch out as the Triumph Bonneville Bobber goes drag racing

 Watch out as the Triumph Bonneville Bobber goes drag racing

With the Triumph Bonneville Bobber producing a stock 77 horsepower, you might not think of it as a racing machine.

But as noted in our previous coverage of this launch (which is linked below), you’d be hard-pressed to beat the Bobber on any road ride, so clearly, there is some serious performance potential in Triumph’s classic motorcycle.

And that potential was magnified when Thronton Hundred decided to take their bikes drag racing.

But what started as a simple custom build soon evolved into something much more complex. 

The two-cylinder Triumph bobber was the canvas for a more intense competition bike that could go toe-to-toe with some of the most revered European super sports bikes.

To combat the added stresses of supercharging the Triumph, they kept the stock oil pump as is.

On top of everything they did to make the build more reliable, custom heads were fabricated precisely for drag racing, with improved flow. 

Since this engine would be breathing through a big pipe and a Rotrex supercharger, everything had to stay cool. 

To do so, the TH moved the heads up by 3/4 inch, and a gigantic finned aluminium radiator was installed.

Later the team had put an old NOS that made the power reach as high as 200 hp.

The bike is still a work in progress, and the team is making changes in the suspension.

via Thortonhundred 


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