Millions of people tune in each year to watch the MotoGP or any other form of motorcycle racing, for that matter. 

It’s become an industry within an industry, not only delighting its fans through exciting races and entertainment but also redefining the intense training and conditioning that must be undergone by those who participate. 

As many may already know, racing a motorcycle at world-class levels is no easy feat. 


The physical demands come with the territory, and there are many riders (quite literally) who risk their lives to do what they do best: Ride. 

But did you ever wonder how race organizers can pull off such amazing feats of entertainment? 

They wouldn’t be able to if they had no well we will this a critical role and unveil as we go ahead.

While you’re busy watching all the action unfold on the track, the true professionals are manning the sidelines, lurking in the background of the track, doing their own thing. 

We are talking about none other than the fabulous job riders of the MotoGP. 

To give you a quick intro, a test rider is an individual who tests or measures any and every little thing about a new motorcycle – be it its speed or its acceleration.

Stefan Bradl as a test rider

Stefan Bradl has been a test rider for HRC since he finished his racing career in Moto2. He works at Honda’s headquarters in Japan, where he helps to improve the production of bikes. 

The German international was kind enough to spare some of his time to speak exclusively to Ride Hi about his role as a factory test rider and how he became one!

Stefan Bradl (as a test rider) was responsible for all of the testing and analysis that goes into improving the bike’s performance and whether or not this new development is worth pursuing. 

This is why race days are only half the story when it comes to MotoGP testing. The other half happens behind the scenes, away from all of the bright lights, incredible sound of roaring engines and roaring crowds.

As a MotoGP rider, he had personal experience as a test rider for the Repsol Honda Team, and he is well aware of its difficulties. 

A good test rider not only has to show on track his capacity to ride a motorcycle as quickly as possible. 

But also has to be precise in his feedback, whether he is on track with the team’s development rider or directly with Marc and Dani (Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa, at the time of publication).

Some riders think that being a test rider is an easy job – you go out on track and ride hard. That’s like saying that being an engineer is an easy job because you sit in front of a computer all day.


Further, while talking to Ride Hi Bradl said, “Because we are more focused on parts and test items. Of course, lap time is just as important.

We are doing two things simultaneously, but it is even more important to be focused entirely on lap time in Race Week. It’s important. You just have to make a few tweaks to the setup, test items, and hardware.”

via Ride Hi


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