The Xtreme 150i is WMoto’s latest offering in the scooter segment, and first, it has ever ventured into the adventure scooter market.

With the Xtreme 150i, people can seamlessly move on and off-road. It retains the essential characteristics of a WMoto scooter and now provides the comfort accessories typically found on high-end motorcycles.

If you are looking for a scooter with an adventurous bent, WMoto might have just the right thing for you. 


The Xtreme 150i has explicitly been designed for off-roading, so this is something different from what we are used to seeing in this segment (the Vespa 946 isn’t a true competitor either as it is more of an urban runabout). 

Since the Xtreme 150i was designed to be specifically ridden off-road and trails, several features that will come in handy in these kinds of conditions have been thrown into the build.

It is aimed at recreational adventure enthusiasts looking for an entry-level model that provides power and performance and a practical side. 

Built on a 149.3cc platform, the Xtreme features rugged looks, a capable suspension setup, a robust 12.1 horsepower and an 11.8 Nm of torque engine.

And of course, its tall windscreen and dash-mounted fairing, which should prove to be quite helpful when the going gets tough.

Further, the ADV arrives with multiple features like 

  • LED lighting complete with LED DRLs. 
  • A full LCD console
  • It comes in two shades Gray and Red
  • Plus, the ADV also gets a two-year, 20,000-kilometer warranty.

ADV is available in Malaysia with a priced tag of RM9,588 and goes head-on with the Honda ADV150 that arrives at RM11,999.

Source : Bikesrepublic

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