To comply with Euro5 norms, KTM is working to amend its 1290 series.

And this is seen via the recent leaked 2021 KTM 1290 Super Adventure patent drawings.

A couple of times in the last few months the massive 1290 Super Adv is seen under the camouflage.


We were able to see both the R and S versions. Back in March 2020, we have also observed the 1290 Super Duke GT prototype.

  • R variant
  • S variant

We see a 12-second teaser from KTM and plan to unveil the 2021 new 1290 Super Duke on 26th January.

Euro5 compliance

We could see the enormous exhaust on the upcoming 2021 1290 Super Adventure and comply with the Euro5 norms KTM will need to work.

The new patent drawings show the fuel tank now comes divided into two sections. And further, this mechanism will also come on the 2021 290 Super Adventure.

We could see the same mechanism first on the 790 and then later on the 890 Adventure variants and now on 1290 Adv series.

When it comes for better handling, the fuel tank we see is right above the frame and gets curvier towards the radiator.

The advantage the bike now has more space for the radiators and compelling centre of gravity.

What changes and what stays?

We don’t see any changes in the engine’s displacement and power figures and stay as is which are 1301cc, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, V 75° capable of calibrating 160hp and 140Nm of torque.

However, the current is a 1301cc setup; however, this setup will change as KTM plans to add more firepower.

Further, we do expect the motor to be tuned to comply with Euro5 norms. However, we are unsure if KTM wants to increase any power on the top of 160hp.

If we observe the tubular trellis frame closely, it is a bit updated. The current trellis frame weighs mere 9.8kgs (21.6 lbs). Should KTM think to shed any weight from this frame, the new 1290 Super adv will shed the entire weight from 217kgs (478 lbs).

The present tubular trellis too, has changed.

Well KTM now has improved the hardware by adding a thick swingarm plus the 2021 KTM 1290 Super Adventure gets the new subframe made from the cast aluminium.

What more the 1290 Super Adventure will come equipped with the adaptive radar-based cruise control system.

Unlike Ducati Multistrada V4 2021 1290 Super adv will flaunt the radar system. And KTM has recently filed the patent for its radar technology.

The radar system will monitor the vehicles or any other elements on the road and alert the rider about the possible collision. KTM may bring this entire technology as optional. The headlight too will get updated.

The new ADV comes equipped with the thick swingarm.

It will also arrive with engine maps, ABS and other useful electronic novelties.

KTM plans to bring the 1290 Super Adventure in two flavours the R and S.Both these models will arrive with spoke wheels while R will have massive travel suspension.

Let us see more on 26th of January.

Teaser Video





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