Benelli has filed design documents for its upcoming TRK 702 adventure bike, which is a direct competitor to models like the Tenere 700 from Yamaha and the Tuareg 660 from Aprilia. 


These patents show that we’re dealing with a sturdy machine that should be capable of carrying significant luggage, something that its tall suspension and A-arms equipped with at least one lateral rod hint at. 

Mated to these forks is the spoked wheel, which leaves room for a welcome amount of rubber. Some of you might also notice the mirrors are relatively large in width and height, exclaiming that they should allow us to see more than just what’s happening behind us.



Details surrounding Benelli’s upcoming TRK 702 are emerging, and the new ADV motorcycle looks promising to say the least. Based on previous reports, the new TRK 702 will have a 693cc V-twin engine boasting 75 horsepower, similar to CFMoto 700 CL-X’s engine. 

Additionally, we know a chassis that should be very similar to the TRK 502’s, which has been one of the most popular ADV motorcycles in Europe for the past two years and is Italy’s best-selling motorcycle for the same period, according to Benelli.


The latest images also show us the design of the bike from different angles, showing us the first glimpse of Benelli’s new backbone frame and its large headlight housing that tapers towards the front wheel. 

Benelli motorcycles are finally back with a bang and are ready to take on Tenere 700 World Raid. The excellent part is that TRK 702 and Tenere 700 weigh 220 kilograms each.

From what we’ve seen so far from the images, this bike is tour-inspired and looks very impressive. The upcoming Benelli TRK702 will feature front and rear cameras. If you see the patent images closely, the front camera is placed below the front headlight while the rear camera is placed above the license placeholder.

Tourer inspired

Front and rear cameras are rare on motorcycles, with only a few manufacturers embedding them in their vehicles. 

In 2020, Benelli unveiled a new motorcycle model, the 1200GT tourer, with two cameras on the front and back, ensuring that Benelli has tested this technology.

The eagerly awaited Benelli TRK 702 is expected to be in its very early development stages. The new ADV will follow in the footsteps of the TRK502 and offer sportier styling and performance meant for those who want a bike with more spirited performance, more suitable for adventure than the street.

via Bennetts 


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