Honda Malaysia unveils MotoGP-inspired new CBR150R edition

 Honda Malaysia unveils MotoGP-inspired new CBR150R edition

Honda Malaysia has today unveiled the all-new CBR150R Repsol Edition, a fantastic motorcycle that combines Honda’s originality and Repsol’s passion for motorcycling.


Pulling off a CBR race replica, even in the entry-level territory, isn’t a walk in the park anymore, and rival manufacturers often beat Honda to the punch.

This year though, Honda is back (and quite full of themselves) with the same styling cues and liveries as the bigger siblings.

The new Honda CBR150R Repsol Edition in Malaysia will be sold at RM13477 (the equivalent of USD 3,024).


The Repsol takes its cue from Honda’s MotoGP bike and has an orange exterior with red accents, similar to the livery used in MotoGP sports.

Compared to the standard CBR150R model currently being sold at Honda’s Malaysian dealerships, the Repsol Edition will stand out because of its unique colour scheme inspired by Honda’s MotoGP bike.

Significant step

The new Repsol Edition marks a significant step forward for one of Honda Malaysia Motorcycle’s most popular sportbikes. The limited availability of CBR150R Repsol Editions, which is 800 units, will help ensure their collectability among the Malaysian motoring public.

This group has shown itself very receptive to products from Japanese brands in recent months.

Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like Honda is messing around with the motorcycle’s engine, as the Repsol Edition retains the same 149cc single-cylinder engine found on the regular model. The engine makes up 18.4 horsepower and 9.9 ft-lbs of torque, which is decent for a motorcycle.

Yamaha R15

However, the figures are low compared to the Yamaha R15 available in the Asian market. But then the new Honda CBR150R does make itself to the lower displacement sports bike.

Further, here is what changes Honda has replaced the standard telescopic from suspension to anodized gold inverted forks. Honda has also put dual-channel ABS on its rear and front brakes. And then it also has an LCD console and full LED lighting.

via Honda Malaysia






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