The Beta motor has brought the new 2022 XTrainers in 250 and 300cc.

The XTrainer has all the features and characteristics it needs to cater for a very diverse target demographic. And appeal to riders of all genders and ages, specifically:

  • A lower saddle height of just 910 mm
  • A dry weight of just 98 kg
  • An engine with smooth, manageable power delivery
  • An automatic mixer
  • Soft compound tyres
  • Easy-to-access externally adjustable power valve



XTrainer is the perfect bike for novice riders venturing into enduro for the first time and, above all. A motorcycle for any enthusiast of any experience level, offering an enjoyable riding experience without overtaxing the physical, technical capabilities of the rider.

These characteristics make the XTrainer an extremely versatile bike, created to get the best out of any rider. 

Novice riders approaching the enduro world will find this an extraordinarily intuitive and manageable bike for the first time. While more experienced users will enjoy its poised balance and its easily accessible but impressive performance.

The version presented in 2021 gains several significant upgrades and improvements to accentuate the strengths of this model.

What is new?

The XTrainer 300 MY 2022 introduces the following updated features:

  • Engine: The engine has been completely revised, with an all-new larger bore cylinder, a new piston and a new power valve.

  • Crankshaft: New shorter throw crankshaft for a shorter piston stroke than the previous model.

  • Cylinder head: The head is also unique and redesigned to complement the other new components to perfection.

The new engine, combined with a dedicated new engine control unit map. Boasts a smoother and more progressive response to throttle input and more linear power delivery. 

The bike as a whole is also easier to handle, providing a smoother riding approach.


In addition to the above, both the 250 and 300 versions have received the following improvements:

  • Clutch with diaphragm springs: The solution makes the clutch action lighter, more progressive, and controllable, significantly reducing rider fatigue.

    Both engagement and disengagement come improved, while the clutch can transmit even more torque. Further to customise, three different spring preload settings are available, adjustable with a simple mechanical procedure.

  • New motor: The highly reliable unit has the power needed to restart the engine even in the trickiest situations.

  • Updated electrical system: The improved layout of the bike’s electrical system improves reliability and makes components quicker to remove and replace.

  • New graphics and colour scheme.

Availability: From the end of May.

Tech Specs

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