The one of 2011 Suter BMW MotoGP bike is on auction

 The one of 2011 Suter BMW MotoGP bike is on auction

Renowned sportsman motorcycle rider Eskil Suter founded Suter Racing Technology in 1996. 

The company has since developed its own high-performance sports motorcycles and world-class high-performance racing engines that are in use worldwide.

Suter BMW MotoGP. A machine to inspire awe. It’s a combination of raw, brutal force combined with hauntingly flowing lines. 

It inspires sensations of fear and respect. The bike is the stuff of legends—and not just any legends, 

By the end of the 2012 MotoGP season, SRT was ready to take on the world. 

The Mika Kallio-led Suter machine was a serious threat towards the end of the year, posting some of the fastest lap times and taking top qualifying positions along the way. 

SRT and Team Forward took all of the feedback gained from Edwards’s laps around Spain and set to design a production-spec version of the Suter for MotoGP. 

MotoGP machines are slightly different from World Superbike machines; they’re heavier and have more electronics.

Later, as the bike was out of action, SRT only displayed and was not in action since 2018.


Further, in 2020, Suter restored the bike and now has a BMW S1000RR engine. Plus the bike now had new Bosch MS5.0 ECU, Ohlins TTX forks, Brembos for the brake.

The OZ Racing magnesium wheel makes sure the package weighs 339 pounds (153.76) kgs and calibrates 226 hps. With this, the #001, Suter, makes 202 mph.

Suter sells the #001 machine, so there is no question of authenticity, and the bike is located in Turbenthal, Switzerland, which is the company’s headquarters.

For those who are looking to shop. The current bid is $31,100.The IconicMotorbike auction ends tomorrow May 27.

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