Introduction to the BGauss RUV350

The Chakan-based electric two-wheeler manufacturer, BGauss, is set to launch its new flagship electric scooter, the RUV350, on June 25. This new model is expected to be the brand’s premium offering in terms of pricing and features. Let’s dive into what we know so far about the BGauss RUV350.

Unique Wheel Size for Better Handling

One of the standout features of the BGauss RUV350 is its 16-inch wheels. Unlike most scooters that typically have smaller wheels, these larger units are designed to provide better stability and handling. This is particularly beneficial for navigating the rough and uneven terrains often found on Indian roads.

Practical Design and Features

Telescopic Forks and Dual Springs

The BGauss RUV350 is equipped with telescopic forks at the front and dual springs at the rear. This combination is expected to offer a comfortable ride by effectively absorbing shocks from bumpy roads. Additionally, the scooter features drum brakes on both ends, which should provide adequate stopping power for everyday commuting.


Spacious Footboard and Luggage Hook

Riders will appreciate the sizeable footboard on the BGauss RUV350, which adds to the scooter’s practicality. The inclusion of a luggage hook at the front enhances its utility, making it easier to carry bags and other items during rides.

Modern Lighting and Instrumentation

All-LED Lighting Setup

In line with modern trends, the BGauss RUV350 comes with an all-LED lighting setup. This not only improves visibility but also adds a contemporary touch to the scooter’s design.

Fully Digital Instrument Cluster

The scooter is expected to feature a fully digital instrument cluster, providing riders with clear and comprehensive information about speed, battery status, and other essential metrics.

Underseat Storage and Usability

Decent Underseat Storage Space

While the exact specifications are yet to be revealed, the BGauss RUV350 is anticipated to offer decent underseat storage space. This feature will be particularly useful for urban commuters who need to store helmets, bags, or other items.

Comparisons with the BGauss D15

Design and Differences

At first glance, the BGauss RUV350 bears a resemblance to the now-discontinued BGauss D15 electric scooter. However, we expect the RUV350 to have significant improvements and differences that will set it apart as a more advanced and practical option.

Strengths and Weakness

Large 16-inch Wheels – Great for handling rough terrain and bumpy roads.Basic Braking System – Drum brakes at both ends may not provide the best stopping power.
Comfortable Ride – Telescopic forks and dual springs for smooth rides.Limited Premium Features – Lacks advanced features found in higher-end scooters.
Modern Lighting – All-LED setup enhances visibility and style.Uncertain Battery Performance – Specifications yet to be revealed.
Spacious Footboard and Hook – Practical design for carrying items.Basic Hardware – Overall hardware setup is quite standard.
Digital Instrument Cluster – Provides clear and comprehensive information.Unknown Range and Speed – Key performance metrics not disclosed yet.
Decent Underseat Storage – Handy for urban commuters.Similarity to D15 – Looks similar to the discontinued D15, lacking a unique visual appeal.
Practical and Utilitarian – Designed for everyday use.Potential Price Concerns – May be priced higher due to being a flagship model.

Conclusion: A Utilitarian Electric Scooter

Overall, the BGauss RUV350 electric scooter seems to be a practical and utilitarian choice for urban commuters. With its larger wheels, comfortable suspension setup, modern lighting, and digital instrumentation, it promises to be a reliable and user-friendly option for navigating city streets and rough terrains alike.

Stay tuned for more details on the BGauss RUV350 as we approach its official launch on June 25. This new electric scooter is set to make a mark in the electric two-wheeler market with its blend of practicality and modern features.


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