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Bharat NCAP’s crash test program, launched in 2023, promises to impact car enthusiasts by offering crucial safety information. Enthusiasts can now make informed decisions, balancing performance and safety when selecting vehicles. This initiative encourages manufacturers to enhance vehicle safety features, potentially leading to safer high-performance cars. However, there could be downsides, including higher costs and regulatory limitations on enthusiast-focused features.

Car enthusiasts must consider safety ratings and their implications for both the resale value and the overall driving experience of their vehicles. In this evolving landscape, safety and performance become intertwined for passionate automotive enthusiasts in India.

Crash Test Program

Based on a recent media report, it is anticipated that Bharat NCAP (BNCAP) will release crash test results for the first set of vehicles before December 2023 concludes. Mahmood Ahmed, the Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, has affirmed that the BNCAP program is progressing as planned, and the government is aiming to share these results either during this week or before the year’s end.


Bharat NCAP was officially introduced in August of the same year and was officially put into effect on October 1, 2023. This crash test program is aligned with the Automotive Industry Standard AIS 197 and is applicable to vehicles classified under the M1 category, capable of carrying up to 8 passengers, in addition to the driver, with a total weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes. Importantly, this program also encompasses imported vehicles, CNG-powered cars, and electric vehicles.

Vehicle Safety Ratings

Key Analysis

  • Bharat NCAP Crash Test Results: The primary focus of the information is on Bharat NCAP (BNCAP) and its forthcoming crash test results for a batch of cars. This indicates a significant development in automotive safety standards in India.
  • Timeline and Progress: The information provides a timeline, stating that BNCAP was launched in August and officially rolled out on October 1, 2023. This suggests that the program is relatively new but has progressed swiftly.
  • Government Involvement: The involvement of Mahmood Ahmed, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, indicates the government’s active participation and oversight in the BNCAP program, underlining its importance in enhancing road safety.
  • Scope of BNCAP: The program’s scope is discussed, highlighting that it applies to vehicles falling under the M1 category, including those with alternative fuel sources like CNG and electric vehicles. This demonstrates a comprehensive approach to vehicle safety testing.
  • Tata Motors’ Participation: Tata Motors is mentioned as the first company to seek BNCAP ratings, with specific models (Harrier and Safari) identified as the initial ones to be evaluated. This emphasizes the automotive industry’s interest and proactive involvement in the program.
  • Publication of Results: The expectation of publishing results either during the week or before the end of the year suggests that transparency and timely reporting of crash test results are a priority.
  • Standard Reference: The program’s alignment with the Automotive Industry Standard AIS 197 indicates that it follows established industry standards, adding credibility to the testing process.

Automotive Innovation

Overall, the information underscores the significance of BNCAP in enhancing vehicle safety in India, with government support, industry participation, and a comprehensive scope that includes various types of vehicles. It also highlights the imminent release of crucial crash test results, which will be of interest to both consumers and the automotive industry.

Furthermore, Tata Motors is highlighted as the inaugural company to seek the BNCAP rating. The Harrier and Safari models are among the initial group of around thirty-six cars that will undergo assessment as part of this novel program.

Pros and Cons

Enhanced Vehicle SafetyLimited Testing History
Government InvolvementResource Intensive
Industry AccountabilityPotential Impact on Vehicle Prices
Comprehensive ScopeRegulatory Compliance Challenges
TransparencyLimited Mention of Testing Procedures

Enthusiast Vehicle Choices

Impact on Car Enthusiasts

The impact of Bharat NCAP’s crash test program on car enthusiasts can be analyzed as follows:

Positive Impact on Car Enthusiasts:

  • Access to Safety Information: Car enthusiasts often prioritize safety alongside performance and design. BNCAP’s crash test results provide them with valuable safety information, allowing them to make informed decisions when choosing vehicles that align with their preferences.
  • Encouragement for Safer Choices: The program can encourage car enthusiasts to prioritize safety features and ratings when selecting or modifying their vehicles, contributing to safer driving practices within the enthusiast community.
  • Improved Vehicle Safety: As manufacturers aim to achieve higher safety ratings, car enthusiasts can benefit from the improved safety features and technologies integrated into performance and sports cars, enhancing the overall driving experience.
  • Industry Innovation: Enthusiasts often appreciate technological advancements in vehicles. BNCAP’s emphasis on safety can drive innovation in safety-related technologies, which may eventually find their way into high-performance vehicles.

Potential Negative Impact on Car Enthusiasts:

  • Higher Costs: If the program leads to safety-related upgrades in vehicles, particularly in high-performance and sports cars, it could result in higher prices. This may make certain enthusiast-focused vehicles less affordable.
  • Regulatory Constraints: Stricter safety regulations and compliance with BNCAP standards might limit manufacturers’ ability to introduce certain high-performance features or configurations in their vehicles.
  • Resale Value Considerations: Car enthusiasts who invest in high-performance or modified vehicles may need to consider how safety ratings, influenced by BNCAP, could impact the resale value of their cars.
  • Performance vs. Safety Balance: Enthusiasts may face dilemmas when choosing between performance-oriented modifications and safety enhancements, as both aspects are important but may sometimes be at odds with each other.


While Bharat NCAP’s crash test program can provide car enthusiasts with valuable safety information and encourage safer choices, it may also introduce challenges related to affordability, regulatory constraints, and striking the right balance between performance and safety in enthusiast vehicles. Car enthusiasts should stay informed about safety ratings and how they align with their preferences and priorities when selecting or modifying their vehicles.

Bharat NCAP’s crash test program holds the promise of improving vehicle safety standards in India and promoting accountability within the automotive industry, it also faces challenges related to its newness, resource requirements, and potential impacts on vehicle affordability. It is essential to monitor its progress and effectiveness in the coming years to evaluate its true impact on road safety.

For automotive enthusiasts in India, the Bharat NCAP’s crash test program is a game-changer. Stay informed about safety ratings to make smart, balanced choices for your dream car. Embrace the synergy of performance and safety in your decisions. Keep an eye on industry innovations as manufacturers rise to the challenge. And remember, your choices impact not just your driving experience but also the safety of our roads. Explore the latest safety ratings, follow updates from Bharat NCAP, and let your passion for cars drive you towards a safer, thrilling future on Indian roads.

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