Black Edition Label Honey

Bentley’s venture into honey production at its Crewe headquarters represents a remarkable departure from its traditional automotive focus. This initiative is in line with Bentley’s Beyond100 strategy, which prioritizes environmental sustainability. The establishment of the Excellence Centre for Honey Production, complete with 17 hives and over a million bees, underscores their dedication to ecological responsibility.

Bentley Honey Production

Bentley’s Honey Initiative

  • Established the Excellence Centre for Honey Production as part of their Beyond100 sustainability strategy.
  • Houses over a million bees in 17 hives.
  • Produced a fifth honey harvest, including a special Black Edition Label (not for sale, but for gifting).
  • Aims to raise awareness about ecology and the role of pollinators.


  • Shows how automakers are expanding beyond traditional boundaries.
  • Demonstrates commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Provides a unique conversation starter on ecological responsibility.

Bentley Beyond100 sustainability

The announcement of the fifth honey harvest, particularly the exclusive Black Edition Label honey, adds a unique and premium dimension to Bentley’s efforts. With more than 500 jars of this honey collected from the two oldest hives, Bentley’s in-house design team has contributed distinctive labeling, elevating the product’s appeal.

Bentley doesn’t sell this honey commercially; instead, it is utilized as a corporate gift and serves various purposes such as customer visits, charitable causes, and employee recognition programs. This approach not only enhances Bentley’s corporate image but also raises awareness about the significance of ecology and the crucial role of pollinators.

Bentley eco-conscious initiatives

Key Analysis

  • Diversification Strategy: Bentley’s entry into honey production showcases a diversification strategy beyond the automotive industry. This move aligns with the company’s Beyond100 strategy, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  • Sustainability Focus: The establishment of the Excellence Centre for Honey Production with 17 hives and over a million bees highlights Bentley’s dedication to ecological sustainability. Beekeeping contributes to biodiversity and pollinator conservation, reflecting a broader environmental agenda.
  • Exclusivity and Branding: The introduction of the Black Edition Label honey adds an element of exclusivity and luxury to Bentley’s honey initiative. The company’s in-house design team’s unique labeling further enhances the product’s branding and appeal.
  • Non-Commercial Use: Bentley’s decision not to sell the honey commercially is an interesting approach. Instead, they use it for corporate gifting, customer engagement, charitable endeavors, and employee recognition. This unconventional use of honey as a promotional tool aligns with their environmental messaging.
  • Awareness and Education: By gifting honey and engaging in conversations about pollinators and ecology, Bentley aims to raise awareness about environmental responsibility. This approach serves as a conversation starter on important ecological issues.
  • Positive Corporate Image: The honey initiative contributes positively to Bentley’s corporate image. It portrays the company as not only a luxury automaker but also a socially and environmentally responsible entity.
  • Industry Evolution: Bentley’s venture into honey production exemplifies a broader trend in the automotive industry, where companies are diversifying their activities and exploring sustainable and unconventional avenues beyond traditional vehicle manufacturing.

Environmental responsibility in automotive

Bentley’s foray into honey production may have a notable impact on car enthusiasts in several ways:

  • Diversified Brand Image: Car enthusiasts typically associate Bentley with luxury automobiles. This venture diversifies Bentley’s brand image, showcasing the company’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Some enthusiasts may appreciate this shift toward a more eco-conscious approach.
  • Conversation Starter: Bentley’s honey initiative serves as a conversation starter within the automotive community. It encourages discussions about the evolving role of automakers in environmental conservation and sustainable practices.
  • Exclusive Experiences: Enthusiasts who engage with Bentley, either as customers or through corporate events, may have the opportunity to receive the exclusive Black Edition Label honey. This unique offering adds an element of exclusivity and personal connection to the brand.
  • Environmental Awareness: Bentley’s emphasis on ecology and pollinators through this venture may resonate with car enthusiasts who are environmentally conscious. It highlights the importance of environmental responsibility and biodiversity conservation.
  • Inspiration for Other Brands: Bentley’s unconventional approach may inspire other luxury automakers to explore similar eco-conscious initiatives, potentially leading to a broader shift in the industry’s practices.

While the impact on car enthusiasts may vary depending on individual preferences, Bentley’s honey production venture can be seen as a progressive step that aligns with changing consumer expectations and the automotive industry’s evolving landscape.

Exclusive Bentley corporate gifts

Pros and Cons of Bentley’s venture into honey production:

Diversification of BusinessPotential for Brand Dilution
Demonstrates Commitment to SustainabilityLimited Commercial Revenue
Enhances Corporate ImageResource and Maintenance Costs
Exclusive Product OfferingRisk of Negative Public Perception
Raises Awareness about EcologyDistraction from Core Business Operations
Unique Branding OpportunityRegulatory and Quality Control Challenges
Supports Biodiversity and PollinatorsMay Face Competition from Established Brands

Bentley’s commitment to ecology

Bentley’s honey production venture combines luxury and sustainability, showcasing a forward-thinking approach that aligns with evolving consumer expectations and environmental concerns.

Bentley’s unexpected venture into honey production at their Crewe headquarters is a testament to their commitment to sustainability. This diversification strategy, part of Bentley’s Beyond100 initiative, not only enhances their corporate image but also raises awareness about environmental responsibility. The exclusive Black Edition Label honey, sourced from 17 hives with over a million bees, adds a touch of luxury to this endeavor.

While Bentley doesn’t commercially sell the honey, it serves as a unique corporate gift and a conversation starter on ecological issues. This unconventional venture combines opulence with sustainability, marking a significant evolution in the automotive industry.


This unconventional venture illustrates how automakers like Bentley can diversify their pursuits beyond the realm of automobiles and actively contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future. The integration of luxury and sustainability in this project is a commendable step forward in the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry.

Discover Bentley’s sweet journey into sustainability and luxury with our exclusive Black Edition Label honey. While Bentley don’t sell this honey commercially, you can explore the world of opulent automobiles and eco-conscious initiatives. Join them in promoting environmental responsibility and sustainability. Visit Bentley’s official website to learn more about our Beyond100 strategy and our commitment to a greener future. Together, let’s drive change and make a positive impact on our planet.


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