Markus Flasch’s appointment as the new Head of BMW Motorrad is a significant move for the company. Given the achievements under Markus Schramm’s leadership, Flasch has big shoes to fill.

Here are some insights and implications of this transition:

  1. Legacy of Schramm: Markus Schramm’s tenure was remarkable. Under his leadership, BMW Motorrad enjoyed its most successful years. He has overseen its growth, innovation, and diversification into various motorcycle segments. The brand’s centenary celebration under his leadership is a testament to his and the team’s dedication and hard work.
  2. Markus Flasch’s Credentials: Flasch brings with him a rich experience from the automobile sector. His current role overseeing the middle and luxury-class vehicles and even the prestigious Rolls-Royce brand shows he has a keen understanding of luxury, performance, and brand value. His previous stint as the head of BMW M GmbH means he has experience driving performance and high-performance brands to success.
  3. Motorcycle Passion: Even though Flasch has predominantly worked with four-wheelers, his passion for motorcycles is evident. This can be a crucial factor, as understanding and loving the product can drive innovation, development, and customer engagement.
  4. Future Direction: Given the achievements under Schramm and the current global emphasis on sustainable mobility, Flasch might be expected to continue pushing the envelope in electric mobility. BMW’s venture into electric two-wheelers with the CE series might see further expansion and refinement under his leadership.
  5. Challenges Ahead: Taking on a role following a highly successful predecessor is always challenging. The expectations will be high both within the company and from BMW’s vast customer base. The motorcycle market is also evolving rapidly, with new players entering the electric segment and existing players innovating at breakneck speed. Keeping BMW Motorrad at the forefront will require strategic vision and execution.
  6. Opportunities: With his experience in the automotive sector, Flasch might bring fresh perspectives and strategies to BMW Motorrad. His deep knowledge of performance vehicles can be beneficial, especially in segments where BMW is pushing the performance envelope.


Markus Flasch said, “As a passionate motorcyclist, I am delighted to build on BMW Motorrad’s great successes so far and, together with the highly motivated BMW Motorrad team, to do everything I can to lead our fascinating brand into a successful future“.

Further, he added “For me personally, as a passionate motorcyclist, the management of BMW Motorrad marked the emotional highlight of my career with the BMW Group. Leading the brand to this historic success with my highly motivated, passionate and professional team at BMW Motorrad and setting the course for a successful future for BMW Motorrad makes me simply proud. It was a great time with a great team.


I am now delighted that Markus Flasch, an experienced colleague and motorcycle enthusiast will succeed me as Head of BMW Motorrad. With his extensive brand, product and sales expertise, he will provide important impulses to further expand BMW Motorrad’s leading position in our industry and continue our success story.


While Markus Schramm leaves behind a towering legacy, Markus Flasch’s appointment suggests that BMW Motorrad is looking to blend its rich heritage with a fresh perspective. The motorcycle community will be eagerly watching as Flasch takes the reins and steers BMW Motorrad into its next chapter.

BMW Motorrad Press

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