Lexmoto XDV 300-Cover

The Lexmoto XDV300 is a new offering from the UK-based two-wheeler brand for international markets. It is designed with an adventure-oriented persona, showcasing that scooters can offer more than just transportation from point A to point B.

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Touring capabilities

This model challenges the notion that scooters are solely intended for commuting purposes and aims to offer a more adventurous riding experience.


The XDV300 features a tall and rugged stance, a broad, imposing front apron, a split-type LED headlamp and a tall windscreen. Its muscular bodywork extends from the front to the rear, and it is equipped with a chunky exhaust, large 13-inch wheels, and block-pattern tires, all contributing to its domineering visual appeal.

In terms of features, the XDV300 offers heated grips, an adjustable windscreen, full-LED lighting, and a data-extensive fully-digital instrument console. For touring enthusiasts, it also provides the option of three hard panniers for luggage storage, along with ample space for comfortable two-up touring. Additionally, it comes with a sizable 13.5-litre fuel tank.

Lexmoto XDV 300-Cover

Euro5 compliant

Powering the Lexmoto XDV300 is a Euro5-compliant, 279cc, single-cylinder engine. This engine produces a maximum power output of 25.5bhp at 8,250rpm and is claimed to achieve a top speed of 128kmph. The scooter is equipped with a single disc brake at both ends for braking, and it features KYB forks at the front and preload-adjustable, gas-charged springs at the rear for the suspension.

The XDV sounds like an exciting and innovative motorcycle that combines the best features of an adventure bike and a high-capacity scooter. It offers a unique riding experience that merges the strengths of both motorcycles.

With the XDV, you can enjoy the power and capabilities of an adventure motorcycle, which typically excels in off-road and rugged terrain. These motorcycles are designed to handle various challenges, such as uneven surfaces, gravel, and dirt roads. They usually have robust suspension systems, knobby tires, and high ground clearance, allowing riders to tackle adventurous routes confidently.

Lexmoto XDV 300-Cover


At the same time, the XDV provides the ease, comfort, and practicality associated with high-capacity scooters. Scooters are known for their user-friendly nature, efficient engines, and comfortable riding positions. They often offer ample storage space, making them convenient for daily commuting or longer trips where you may need to carry luggage or other belongings.

By combining these two elements, the XDV aims to offer a versatile and enjoyable riding experience. It provides the power and capability of an adventure motorcycle, allowing you to explore various terrains and embark on thrilling adventures. Simultaneously, it incorporates the comfort and practicality of a scooter, making it a convenient choice for everyday commuting or longer journeys.

Lexmoto XDV 300-Cover


Riding the XDV for the first time can be a transformative experience as you discover its unique blend of capabilities. The bond you develop with your motorcycle can be strong, as it becomes your reliable companion on the road, enabling you to embrace new adventures and confidently navigate life’s journeys. The price starts from £4699.99.

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While the Lexmoto XDV300 is unlikely to enter the Indian market, individuals seeking a premium touring-centric scooter in India may consider alternatives such as the Keeway Vieste 300 or the BMW C 400 GT, provided budget is not a constraint.

Source: Lexmoto and Bikewale

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