Over a decade ago, Brough Superior, the renowned motorcycle brand, returned with a modern touch. While the past inspired the company’s initial offerings, they all boasted superior quality and modern takes on Brough’s iconic two-wheelers, such as the SS100. However, in 2019, Brough Superior took a giant leap forward by partnering with Aston Martin to launch the AMB 001, an advanced superbike with 180 horsepower. 

AMB 001

After introducing the AMB 001 and a track-only superbike with even greater power, the 225-hp AMB 001 PRO, Brough Superior has now unveiled a minimal run of Ultimate Series SS100 and Lawrence motorcycles, utilizing the expertise and knowledge acquired from designing the AMB 001.

Ultimate Series

The Ultimate Series version of Brough Superior’s Classic Design range SS100 comes equipped with a water-cooled 997cc V-twin engine, featuring an aluminium block machined with the same five-axis CNC rig used for the AMB 001’s engine, leaving the CNC rig’s impressive machining lines on full display.


The Ultimate Series SS100 stands out from the standard model with an array of unique silver leaf accents and “Ultimate” script decals and graphics, denoting each limited edition unit’s production number.


Modern range

Brough Superior’s flagship offering from its Modern Design range, the Ultimate Series Lawrence model, has undergone a similar transformation. The Ultimate Series Lawrence, loaded with exposed carbon fibre elements, benefits from the same machined aluminium engine block as the Ultimate Series SS100. It also features the same silver leaf accents, “Ultimate”, and production number graphics as its counterpart. Together, these modifications make two already highly unique motorcycles even more elite.

The Brough Superior Ultimate Series SS100 and Ultimate Series Lawrence Motorcycles are now available, with pricing available upon request. Both limited edition models will be restricted to just 19 units worldwide.

Key differences between the Brough Superior Ultimate Series SS100 and Lawrence motorcycles:

  • Engine: The Ultimate Series SS100 is powered by a 997cc V-twin engine, while a 120hp V-twin engine powers the Ultimate Series Lawrence.
  • Performance: The Ultimate Series SS100 produces 102hp and 64ft-lbs of torque, while the Ultimate Series Lawrence produces 120hp.
  • Weight: The Ultimate Series SS100 weighs 420 pounds, while the Ultimate Series Lawrence weighs 430 pounds.
  • Price: The Ultimate Series SS100 costs  71,500 Euros (about $76,665), while the Ultimate Series Lawrence may arrive at 71,900 Euros (about $77,094) without VAT. When booking, you need to deposit additional 15,000 Euros (about $16,089).


Pros and Cons of the Brough Superior Ultimate Series SS100 and Lawrence motorcycles:


  • Exclusive and luxurious
  • Powerful engines
  • High-quality components
  • Stunning design


  • Very expensive
  • Limited availability
  • Not suitable for all riding conditions




Ultimately, your best choice will depend on your needs and preferences. The Ultimate Series Lawrence is the better choice if you want a more powerful motorcycle. If you want a lighter and more nimble motorcycle, the Ultimate Series SS100 is the better choice. And if you are looking for the most exclusive and luxurious motorcycle, either bike is a great option.

Source: Brough Superior

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