BUGATTI Unveils Luxurious “Collection One” Eyewear

In a bold move into the luxury accessory market, BUGATTI has unveiled its exquisite eyewear range titled “Collection One.” With a clear emphasis on superior craftsmanship, the collection boasts nine distinct styles, each limited to a 37-piece set.

At the heart of this eyewear collection is the intricate detailing, with every piece being crafted from solid 925 sterling silver, accentuated with trims of genuine 18k gold, palladium, carbon fibre, or the rich tones of Macassar ebony. These are no ordinary sunglasses; they’re a testament to BUGATTI’s commitment to luxury and pioneering design.


What sets this collection apart is its innovative manufacturing technique. BUGATTI has employed Positive Vapor Deposition (PVD) in eyewear production – a first for the industry. PVD is a meticulous process that involves vaporizing a solid material in a vacuum, subsequently depositing it onto the product’s surface, enhancing its wear resistance.


Speaking about this groundbreaking initiative, Wiebke Ståhl, Managing Director of BUGATTI International, remarked, “It was important to us to come out with a sunglass collection at a level of quality unseen before, achieved through unique technology, materiality, and design.”

Larry Sands

The automotive giant’s foray into the eyewear industry wouldn’t have been as impactful without the collaboration of Larry D. Sands. With a legendary 60-year career in optical fashion, Sands expressed his enthusiasm and surprise about the partnership: “To be approached by the world’s most powerful and luxurious auto manufacturer, to create their eyewear, was an honor. Everything I do is unexpected, and BUGATTI Eyewear is some of my most unexpected work yet. Expectation is the enemy of creativity.”

As this collection hits the market, it promises to redefine luxury eyewear, blending BUGATTI’s rich heritage with pioneering design and technology. Fashion enthusiasts and connoisseurs can expect nothing less than an accessory masterpiece from this collaboration.


In a world where luxury often finds itself redefined, BUGATTI’s foray into eyewear with “Collection One” is not just an expansion of its product portfolio but a declaration of its commitment to unparalleled quality and innovation. By marrying its legacy of luxury with the eyewear genius of Larry D. Sands and embracing groundbreaking manufacturing techniques, BUGATTI has once again pushed the boundaries of what’s possible. “Collection One” isn’t merely a set of sunglasses; it’s a statement piece, epitomizing that in the realm of luxury, BUGATTI continues to be a trailblazer.


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