Ample, a US-based startup, has unveiled its second-generation battery-swapping station for electric vehicles (EVs). These stations are designed to replace a depleted EV battery with a fully-charged one in just 5 minutes. The process occurs in a modular drive-through station, allowing EV owners to enter, exit the booth, re-enter, and drive off once the battery has been swapped.

The battery-swapping stations support modular battery technology, enabling them to replace batteries for various EVs, including small passenger cars and large delivery trucks.


Ample claims the stations can be installed at designated locations within three days. The company delivers pre-built sections to the installation site, streamlining the process. The stations can also be stacked in more extensive areas, accommodating multiple vehicles to swap batteries simultaneously.

According to Ample, their battery-swapping technology is compatible with any electric vehicle and aims to offer a cost comparable to traditional petrol refuelling. The stations have undergone testing to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Source: Elecrtrive

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