Ola Electric, a mobility company that provides its customers with electric scooters, has unveiled its first-ever Indian-made lithium-ion battery. This is a significant advancement for the company, especially considering that they had imported earlier battery packs from LG Chem in South Korea.

New cell

In a remarkable first for the Indian two-wheeler industry, Ola Electric has revealed that it is working to develop and make a lithium-ion battery for its electric scooter. The company plans to start with this domestically-made battery on its own before expanding it across its entire range.


By 2023, Ola Electric may manufacture its cells and assemble its battery packs in-house. It could improve the business’s profit margin but will also require that it invest heavily in this kind of research & development and new assembly lines.

India’s Ola Electric says they will start the production of lithium-ion battery NMC 21700 cell for electric vehicles in the country from 2023. The company claims it has made design modifications to deal with the extreme heat and humidity of the Indian climate. 

Ola says this chemically optimized cell can withstand high temperatures and maintain an increased recharge capacity.


Not only will this divert the battery supply chain, but it will also bring down the prices of a vehicle’s most expensive component by as much as 30 percent. 

These packs are expected to be used on its already available S1 electric scooters and will further help the company lower the prices of these vehicles from $ 1100 to $ 800.

Ola will produce the new battery packs at the Ola Plant in Bengaluru, and they are expected to improve the range, performance and overall charging times of the S1 even further. The S1’s heart and brain—its motor and battery, respectively—are set to become more powerful than ever.

And we sure are looking forward to it.

via Bikedekho

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