How did the event come about? A handful of Benelli faithful devised Benelli Week to celebrate Benelli’s long history as a motorcycle brand. There were initially six key founders: 

  • Giuseppe Benelli
  • Giovanni Benelli
  • Francesco Benelli
  • Filippo Benelli
  • Domenico Benelli
  • Antonio “Tonino” Benelli

 All have loved Benelli’s ever since they could remember. Along with the other sponsors listed below. 

These men came together to ensure that a large portion of this year’s legacy. Would not forget by future generations interested in motorcycles. 


What is the purpose of Benelli Week? The ceremony and celebration will occur on September 13-19, 2021. At the venue chosen as the perfect backdrop for grandeur Pesaro, Italy.

Pesaro is a beautiful location for celebrating this magnitude and has handled similar events in the past. 

Benelli Week will bring together hundreds of Benelli fans. Who will celebrate their passion for enjoying the pleasure and freedom of riding a modern quality motorcycle.

What is Benelli Week? If you’re a longtime reader of our articles and follow our website or an enthusiastic motorcyclist. 

The name Benelli probably calls to mind several things:

  • Classic motorcycles on gorgeous Italian streets,
  • Nicely oiled machinery, and
  • Fun times riding motorcycles in the company of like-minded enthusiasts.

A whole week of ceremonies is planned, unlike many typical bike weekends where celebrations are more condensed. 

The week gives participants a chance to fully dive into the motorcycle culture of Italy. And see what makes the area a hub for two wheels.

If you are looking forward to participating in Benelli Week. You will have to COVID norms as you will need to have a valid COVID Green Pass or have tested negative for COVID within the past 48 hours.

Plus, you will have to wear masks and maintain a safe one-meter (3.2 foot) distance.


The week opens on Monday 13 September with a two-wheeled tour of about 220 km that will take all participants to the summit of Monte Cucco. 

Along with an itinerary that will cross the Apennines between Marche and Umbria on Tuesday 14 September.They will stop in Jesi to discover the splendid historic centre of the city. 

On Wednesday, 15 September, departing from the Officine Benelli Museum.We will reach the port of Pesaro.

You can enjoy an unprecedented boat trip along the coast of the Pesaro. And Romagna coast (in case of adverse weather conditions. 

An itinerary that will bring everyone the participants in Monte Carpegna). Thursday 16 September, a great classic. 

A stop at Monte Nerone with a breathtaking route through the Pesaro hills.Crossing the city of Urbino, a UNESCO heritage site on Friday 17.

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