CFMOTO Europe has announced it will sell the new 700CL-X model in the coming months.

The new Scramblers are a nod to classic vintage motorcycling. They have the looks and agility to go off-road but are updated, fully-featured touring motorcycles.


“Scramblers are the hottest trend in the motorcycling market. The world has seen a huge surge in popularity of such motorcycles, which is, in fact, not surprising,” says Alex Kim, CEO, CFMOTO America. 

“Scramblers are just as great for everyday use as they are for bike riding on deserted beaches or countrysides. All can enjoy the spirit and enthusiasm behind these motorcycles.”

If you love the idea of a sportbike with classic looks, then meet the CFMOTO 700CL-X. It is the perfect vehicle to enjoy both on and off the road. 


That’s because CFMoto took inspiration from some of the most legendary scramblers built back in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Thanks to its low weight and small size dimensions, the 700CL-X is easy to handle. It is also easy to handle when parking and driving in tight spaces, thank to its lightweight (196 kgs). 

The smaller size also reduces wind resistance for improved fuel economy and handling confident riding even in bad weather.

It comes with 2-cylinder inline, liquid-cooled, 693cc which makes 55 kw / 8500 rpm and 68 N.m / 6500 rpm.

Instead of a double-cradle frame, the 700CL-X comes with an aluminium swingarm. A 41mm USD front forks and a single rear shock suspension.

700CL-X will arrive in three different variants

  • Adventure
  • Sport and 
  • Heritage

And will get shades of Coral Grey and Twilight Blue. We will see this Scrambler in Italy by mid-June 2021.

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