In September 2023, CFMoto showcased their exciting 675 SR prototype in China. Fast forward a few months, and they’ve now revealed the near-production-ready CFMoto 675 SR-R Aspar special edition for global markets. This bike is not just another addition to the lineup; it’s a tribute to the legendary Jorge ‘Aspar’ Martinez, a former racer and current team manager of the Moto3 CFMoto Aspar Racing Team.

A Tribute to Aspar: Design and Aesthetics

The 675 SR-R Aspar edition stands out with its striking design. Paying homage to Aspar, this limited-edition supersport bike comes equipped with CFMoto’s first-ever three-cylinder engine, boasting an expected output of over 100bhp. While it’s a one-off model, its near-production-ready state suggests a potential for mass production, hinting at exciting times ahead for CFMoto enthusiasts.

Front Fairing and Aerodynamics

At the front, the CFMoto 675 SR-R features unique DRLs surrounded by sharp, aggressive bodywork and aerodynamic winglets. The design is not just about looks; it’s built for performance. The motorcycle sports a muscular fuel tank and a sculpted fairing that seamlessly flows into a sleek tail section. The aerodynamic spoilers on the tail add a dash of style while enhancing performance. The attention to detail extends to billet rear-set pegs, a tinted windscreen, brake ducts, clip-on bars, and a custom Aspar livery, making it a true head-turner.


Engine and Performance

CFMoto showcased their new triple-cylinder engine at EICMA 2023, highlighting its lightweight design and advanced engineering. Although the full technical specifications are yet to be disclosed, we know that the motor features a traditional 120-degree crankshaft layout and chain-driven dual overhead camshafts. The intake system is equipped with Bosch fuel injection and individual throttle bodies, promising a blend of efficiency and power.

Competing in the Triple-Cylinder Market

With established brands like Triumph and MV Agusta achieving great success with their 675cc triples, which exceed 120bhp, CFMoto faces a significant challenge in matching this performance. However, the lack of direct competition from these brands in the same segment could present a unique opportunity for CFMoto in the European market. Leveraging KTM’s existing sales network could further boost their reach and acceptance.

Rider Experience and Comfort

The CFMoto 675 SR-R Aspar is not just about raw power; it’s designed with the rider’s experience in mind. The billet rear-set pegs and clip-on bars are positioned to offer a comfortable yet aggressive riding stance. The tinted windscreen reduces glare and wind resistance, enhancing the overall riding experience. Every aspect, from the brake ducts to the aerodynamic spoilers, is engineered to provide optimal performance and comfort.

Advanced Technology Integration

CFMoto has integrated advanced technologies into the 675 SR-R Aspar edition to ensure it stands out in the competitive market. The bike features a state-of-the-art Bosch fuel injection system that works seamlessly with the individual throttle bodies to deliver precise and efficient power. The dual overhead camshafts and 120-degree crankshaft layout further enhance the engine’s performance, making it a formidable contender in the supersport category.

Potential for Mass Production

While the CFMoto 675 SR-R Aspar is currently a one-off model, its near-production-ready state suggests that it could pave the way for a mass-production version. This potential mass production could revolutionize the market by offering a high-performance, triple-cylinder bike at a competitive price point. The unique combination of advanced technology, aggressive design, and tribute to a racing legend makes it a compelling choice for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Market Opportunities and Challenges

Entering the European market, especially with KTM’s existing sales network, presents a significant opportunity for CFMoto. The absence of direct competition from Triumph and MV Agusta in this segment could work in their favor. However, CFMoto must ensure that their 675 SR-R Aspar meets the high standards set by these established brands. Achieving a balance between performance, price, and reliability will be crucial for their success.

CFMoto’s Market Position with the 675 SR-R Aspar Special Edition

The unveiling of the CFMoto 675 SR-R Aspar special edition marks a strategic move in the competitive landscape of the motorcycle industry. This limited-edition model, which honors the legacy of Jorge ‘Aspar’ Martinez, is a testament to CFMoto’s ambitions and capabilities. Let’s delve into how this model positions CFMoto in the global market and what opportunities and challenges lie ahead.

Unique Selling Proposition

The 675 SR-R Aspar special edition’s unique selling proposition lies in its combination of advanced technology, innovative design, and the brand’s first-ever three-cylinder engine. This bike is expected to deliver over 100bhp, positioning it as a strong competitor in the high-performance motorcycle segment. Its custom Aspar livery, billet rear-set pegs, tinted windscreen, and aerodynamic features enhance its appeal, making it a standout choice for enthusiasts.

Leveraging the Aspar Legacy

By associating this model with Jorge ‘Aspar’ Martinez, CFMoto taps into the legacy of a revered figure in the motorcycle racing world. This association not only adds a touch of prestige but also reinforces the brand’s commitment to high-performance and racing heritage. It’s a strategic move that can attract racing fans and motorcycle enthusiasts who value the blend of performance and legacy.

Advanced Technology and Innovation

The integration of advanced technologies, such as the Bosch fuel injection system and the traditional 120-degree crankshaft layout, showcases CFMoto’s commitment to innovation. This emphasis on cutting-edge technology positions the 675 SR-R Aspar as a forward-thinking model, appealing to tech-savvy riders who seek the latest advancements in motorcycle engineering.

Potential for Mass Production

While the 675 SR-R Aspar is currently a one-off model, its near-production-ready state hints at the potential for mass production. This move could significantly impact the market by offering a high-performance, triple-cylinder motorcycle at a competitive price point. Mass production would allow CFMoto to reach a broader audience, potentially disrupting the market dynamics and setting new benchmarks in the segment.

Strategic Market Opportunities

European Market Penetration

The European market presents a significant opportunity for CFMoto, particularly with the existing sales network of KTM. The lack of direct competition from Triumph and MV Agusta in the same segment creates a gap that CFMoto can fill with the 675 SR-R Aspar. By leveraging KTM’s established distribution channels, CFMoto can effectively penetrate the European market and build a strong presence.

Competitive Pricing and Performance

CFMoto has the potential to offer the 675 SR-R Aspar at a competitive price point, which could be a game-changer in the supersport segment. The combination of competitive pricing and high performance can attract a wider audience, including riders who are looking for value without compromising on quality and performance.

Challenges Ahead

Matching Performance Standards

With brands like Triumph and MV Agusta setting high standards with their 675cc triples, CFMoto faces the challenge of matching or exceeding these performance benchmarks. Ensuring that the 675 SR-R Aspar delivers on its promised performance while maintaining reliability and durability will be crucial for its success.

Brand Perception and Trust

CFMoto needs to work on building trust and enhancing its brand perception, especially in markets where it is relatively new. By delivering on promises and ensuring high-quality standards, CFMoto can gradually build a strong reputation. Collaborations with established names like KTM can also aid in building credibility.

Meeting Regulatory Standards

Entering new markets means adhering to various regulatory standards and compliance requirements. CFMoto will need to ensure that the 675 SR-R Aspar meets all the necessary regulations, which can vary significantly across different regions.

Comparison of CFMoto 675 SR-R Aspar Special Edition with Competitors

Below is a detailed comparison of the CFMoto 675 SR-R Aspar special edition with its primary competitors, the Triumph Daytona 675 and MV Agusta F3 675, focusing on key aspects such as engine, power, design, and market positioning.

FeatureCFMoto 675 SR-R Aspar Special EditionTriumph Daytona 675MV Agusta F3 675
Engine TypeTriple-cylinderTriple-cylinderTriple-cylinder
Power OutputOver 100bhp (expected)126bhp128bhp
Crankshaft Layout120-degree120-degree120-degree
Fuel InjectionBosch fuel injectionKeihin fuel injectionMVICS 2.0 with ELDOR
Throttle BodiesIndividual throttle bodiesRide-by-wireRide-by-wire
WeightLightweight design184 kg (dry)173 kg (dry)
Design and AerodynamicsAerodynamic winglets, sculpted fairingAerodynamic fairingAerodynamic winglets
Special FeaturesCustom Aspar livery, billet pegs, tinted windscreenTFT display, multiple riding modesTFT display, multiple riding modes
PriceCompetitive pricing expected$12,500 (approx.)$15,000 (approx.)
Market PresenceEmerging, potential mass productionEstablished, strong followingEstablished, premium segment
Sales NetworkLeveraging KTM’s networkExtensive global networkExtensive global network
Racing HeritageTribute to Jorge ‘Aspar’ MartinezStrong racing heritageStrong racing heritage
Production StatusNear-production-ready, potential mass productionEstablished productionEstablished production
Target MarketEurope, leveraging KTM’s networkGlobalGlobal


Engine and Performance:

  • The CFMoto 675 SR-R Aspar special edition is expected to produce over 100bhp, positioning it competitively against the Triumph Daytona 675 and MV Agusta F3 675, both of which exceed 120bhp.
  • All three bikes feature a 120-degree crankshaft layout and advanced fuel injection systems, with CFMoto using Bosch technology.

Design and Aerodynamics:

  • The CFMoto 675 SR-R boasts a muscular and aerodynamic design, with unique winglets and a custom Aspar livery, adding to its visual appeal and performance.
  • Triumph and MV Agusta also focus on aerodynamics, with the MV Agusta F3 675 featuring similar winglets for enhanced performance.

Price and Market Positioning:

  • CFMoto is expected to offer the 675 SR-R at a competitive price point, potentially lower than Triumph’s Daytona 675 and MV Agusta’s F3 675, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.
  • Triumph and MV Agusta are well-established in the market, with strong global networks and a premium pricing strategy.

Sales Network and Market Presence:

  • CFMoto plans to leverage KTM’s established sales network in Europe, which could facilitate quicker market penetration and acceptance.
  • Both Triumph and MV Agusta have extensive global networks and strong brand loyalty, giving them an advantage in market presence.

Racing Heritage:

  • The CFMoto 675 SR-R pays homage to Jorge ‘Aspar’ Martinez, linking it to a strong racing heritage.
  • Triumph and MV Agusta have long-standing racing histories, which enhance their brand prestige and customer trust.


The CFMoto 675 SR-R Aspar special edition is more than just a tribute to Jorge ‘Aspar’ Martinez; it’s a statement of CFMoto’s capabilities and ambitions in the supersport motorcycle market. With its unique design, advanced technology, and potential for mass production, the 675 SR-R Aspar has the makings of a game-changer. Motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly waiting to see how CFMoto will leverage this model to carve out a niche in the competitive market.

CFMoto’s bold move with the 675 SR-R Aspar special edition underscores their commitment to innovation and performance. As they gear up to potentially mass-produce this model, the motorcycle community is set to witness a new era of high-performance, triple-cylinder bikes that blend style, technology, and tribute to a racing legend.

By focusing on rider experience, advanced technology, and strategic market positioning, CFMoto is poised to make a significant impact with the 675 SR-R Aspar special edition. This bike not only honors a legendary racer but also sets the stage for future innovations in the world of supersport motorcycles.


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