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CFMoto 500SR Voom Summary


Market:Initially China-only, with potential for select global markets

Size:Mid-sized sportbike (500cc category)


Engine:500cc, inline-four cylinder

Availability:Currently available in China; global availability to be determined

CFMoto has taken the wraps off its first-ever inline-four cylinder sportbike, the 500SR Voom, in China. This model is a follow-up to the 500SR and is based on the same 500cc, four-cylinder engine platform. Interestingly, while the 500SR is yet to make its global debut, the 500SR Voom is set to capture the hearts of motorcycle enthusiasts with its retro-inspired design and modern features.

Design and Styling: A Nod to the 90s

The CFMoto 500SR Voom takes heavy design cues from the iconic 1990s sports bikes like the Honda CBR900RR and Kawasaki ZXR750. The bike marks a return to the smooth, curved styles of the 80s and 90s, which is a clear departure from the current trend of sharp angles and aggressive cuts. The most striking design elements include the dual air intake ducts flanked by LED daytime running lights and a headlamp positioned lower below, creating a distinctive front fascia.

Key Design Highlights

  • Retro-Inspired Aesthetics: The smooth curves and clean lines hark back to the golden era of sportbikes.
  • Dual Air Intake Ducts: These not only enhance the bike’s aggressive look but also contribute to its aerodynamic efficiency.
  • LED Daytime Running Lights: Modern lighting technology that ensures visibility and adds to the bike’s visual appeal.
  • High-Set Exhaust Pipes: Positioned on each side to enhance the retro appeal and provide a distinct look.

Engine and Performance

The 500SR Voom shares its engine and chassis with the 500SR prototype. It is powered by a 500cc, inline-four cylinder motor. While CFMoto has not officially revealed the power figures, reports suggest that this engine is expected to produce around 80bhp and a peak torque of 45Nm. This puts it in the same performance bracket as the Kawasaki ZX-4RR, which makes 76bhp at 14,500rpm and 39 Nm at 13,000 rpm.

Expected Performance Figures

  • Power Output: Approximately 80bhp
  • Peak Torque: Around 45Nm
  • Comparative Performance: On par with the Kawasaki ZX-4RR, making it a competitive option in the market.

Chassis and Suspension

The 500SR Voom is built on a robust tubular steel frame, which ensures rigidity and durability. The suspension setup includes upside-down forks at the front and an aluminum swingarm with a rear monoshock at the back. This combination promises a balanced ride with excellent handling characteristics.

Suspension and Frame Details

  • Tubular Steel Frame: Provides a strong and stable foundation.
  • Upside-Down Forks: Ensures superior front-end stability and handling.
  • Aluminum Swingarm: Enhances the bike’s agility and ride comfort.
  • Rear Monoshock: Delivers a smooth and controlled ride.

Modern Features

Despite its retro-inspired design, the CFMoto 500SR Voom is equipped with modern features to meet the expectations of today’s riders. One of the standout features is the color TFT display, which offers a clear and comprehensive view of all essential information.

Modern Amenities

  • Color TFT Display: Provides a high-resolution interface for all riding information.
  • LED Lighting: Ensures visibility and adds a modern touch to the classic design.
  • Advanced Electronics: Likely to include multiple riding modes, traction control, and other rider aids.

Market Position and Potential Global Launch

Initially, the CFMoto 500SR Voom will be available only in China. However, there is potential for the bike to be launched in select global markets. While an India launch seems unlikely, the introduction of the 500SR Voom could pave the way for other OEMs to revive the low-capacity, four-cylinder motorcycle segment.

Market Prospects

  • China-Only Model: For now, the bike will be exclusive to the Chinese market.
  • Global Potential: Could see launches in other markets depending on demand and market conditions.
  • Reviving a Segment: May inspire other manufacturers to re-enter the low-capacity, four-cylinder market.


Here is a table comparing the CFMoto 500SR Voom with some of its key competitors in the sportbike segment:

FeatureCFMoto 500SR VoomKawasaki ZX-4RRHonda CBR500RYamaha R3KTM RC 390
Engine500cc inline-four399cc inline-four471cc parallel-twin321cc parallel-twin373cc single-cylinder
FrameTubular steelTrellisSteel diamondSteel diamondSteel trellis
Front SuspensionUpside-down forksShowa SFF-BPTelescopic forkTelescopic forkWP APEX upside-down fork
Rear SuspensionMonoshockUni-TrakPro-Link single shockMonocross single shockWP APEX monoshock
DisplayColor TFTColor TFTLCDLCDColor TFT
ExhaustHigh-set on each sideUnderbellySide-mountedSide-mountedSide-mounted
WeightTBD189 kg (417 lbs)192 kg (423 lbs)169 kg (373 lbs)172 kg (379 lbs)
Seat HeightTBD800 mm (31.5 in)785 mm (30.9 in)780 mm (30.7 in)820 mm (32.3 in)
Braking SystemDual front discs, ABSDual front discs, ABSSingle front disc, ABSSingle front disc, ABSSingle front disc, ABS
TiresSport tiresPirelli Diablo Rosso IVDunlop SportmaxMichelin Pilot StreetMetzeler M5 Interact
Market AvailabilityChina-only initiallyGlobalGlobalGlobalGlobal
Price (Approx.)TBD$9,999$6,999$5,299$5,549

Detailed Analysis

CFMoto 500SR Voom

  • Strengths: Unique retro design, advanced electronics, competitive power and torque.
  • Weaknesses: Market availability is limited to China initially.

Kawasaki ZX-4RR

  • Strengths: High-revving engine, excellent suspension setup, advanced rider aids.
  • Weaknesses: Higher price point, slightly less torque compared to 500SR Voom.

Honda CBR500R

  • Strengths: Reliable performance, comfortable ergonomics, good for everyday use.
  • Weaknesses: Lower power output, less aggressive design compared to the 500SR Voom.

Yamaha R3

  • Strengths: Lightweight, agile handling, affordable price.
  • Weaknesses: Less power and torque, basic electronics compared to 500SR Voom.

KTM RC 390

  • Strengths: Aggressive design, excellent handling, lightweight.
  • Weaknesses: Single-cylinder engine, higher seat height which may not suit all riders.

The CFMoto 500SR Voom offers a compelling package with its retro design, modern features, and competitive performance. Its main competitors, like the Kawasaki ZX-4RR, Honda CBR500R, Yamaha R3, and KTM RC 390, each have their strengths and weaknesses. The choice ultimately depends on the rider’s preferences regarding design, performance, and budget. The 500SR Voom stands out for those seeking a blend of classic styling with contemporary technology.


The CFMoto 500SR Voom is a fascinating blend of retro styling and modern technology. With its 1990s-inspired design, robust performance, and advanced features, it stands out as a unique offering in the sportbike segment. As it gears up for its initial release in China, the global motorcycle community will be watching closely to see if this retro-modern marvel makes its way to other markets.

For those interested in a bike that combines the nostalgia of the past with the advancements of today, the CFMoto 500SR Voom presents an exciting option. Whether it will spark a broader trend in the motorcycle industry remains to be seen, but it certainly sets the stage for a potential revival of classic sportbike aesthetics in modern machines.

FAQs about the CFMoto 500SR Voom

What is the CFMoto 500SR Voom?

The CFMoto 500SR Voom is CFMoto’s first-ever inline-four cylinder sportbike. It boasts a retro-inspired design with modern features, combining the aesthetics of the 1990s sports bikes with contemporary technology.

What are the standout design features of the 500SR Voom?

The 500SR Voom takes inspiration from classic 1990s bikes like the Honda CBR900RR and Kawasaki ZXR750. It features smooth, curved lines, dual air intake ducts, LED daytime running lights, and high-set exhaust pipes on each side for that retro appeal.

How powerful is the 500SR Voom?

While the exact power figures haven’t been officially released by CFMoto, it’s expected to produce around 80bhp and 45Nm of torque. This places it in a similar performance category as the Kawasaki ZX-4RR.

What kind of suspension setup does the 500SR Voom have?

The bike uses a tubular steel frame with upside-down forks at the front and an aluminum swingarm with a rear monoshock at the back. This setup promises excellent handling and a balanced ride.

Does the 500SR Voom have modern features?

Yes, despite its retro looks, the 500SR Voom comes equipped with modern features like a color TFT display, LED lighting, and potentially advanced electronics such as multiple riding modes and traction control.

Will the 500SR Voom be available globally?

Initially, the 500SR Voom will be a China-only model. However, there is potential for it to be launched in select global markets. An India launch is less likely, but other markets might see this model if there is enough demand.

How does the 500SR Voom compare to its competitors?

The 500SR Voom competes with models like the Kawasaki ZX-4RR, Honda CBR500R, Yamaha R3, and KTM RC 390. It offers a unique blend of retro design and modern performance, making it a compelling choice for riders looking for something different.

What is the expected price of the 500SR Voom?

The exact pricing hasn’t been revealed yet. However, it is expected to be competitively priced, considering the features and performance it offers.

What kind of riding experience can I expect from the 500SR Voom?

You can expect a balanced and thrilling riding experience with the 500SR Voom. Its powerful engine, advanced suspension, and modern electronics make it suitable for both spirited rides and everyday commuting.

Is the 500SR Voom good for beginners?

While the 500SR Voom offers advanced features and performance, it may be more suitable for experienced riders due to its power output. Beginners might find it a bit overwhelming compared to smaller displacement bikes.

What makes the 500SR Voom unique?

The 500SR Voom stands out with its blend of retro-inspired design and modern technology. It’s a nod to the classic sports bikes of the 90s, but with the performance and features expected from a modern motorcycle.

If you have more questions or need further details, feel free to ask!

Are you ready to experience a perfect blend of retro styling and modern performance? Look no further than the CFMoto 500SR Voom! This incredible sportbike pays homage to the iconic 1990s sports bikes like the Honda CBR900RR and Kawasaki ZXR750 while packing all the features you expect from a cutting-edge machine.

The 500SR Voom isn’t just about looks—underneath its sleek, curved lines lies a powerful 500cc inline-four cylinder engine, expected to deliver around 80bhp and 45Nm of torque. Imagine the thrill of riding a bike that not only turns heads but also provides exhilarating performance that rivals the Kawasaki ZX-4RR.

But it’s not just about raw power. The 500SR Voom boasts a tubular steel frame with upside-down forks and an aluminum swingarm, ensuring superb handling and ride comfort. Plus, with its high-set exhaust pipes, LED daytime running lights, and a vibrant color TFT display, this bike is a perfect blend of classic charm and modern tech.

Initially, the 500SR Voom will be available in China, but the excitement surrounding it could lead to a global release. Whether you’re a seasoned rider looking for something unique or a motorcycle enthusiast eager to own a piece of modern-retro magic, the 500SR Voom could be just what you’ve been waiting for.

Don’t miss out on the chance to ride this extraordinary machine. Stay tuned for updates on its global availability, and be ready to make the CFMoto 500SR Voom your next ride. Embrace the future of retro-inspired sportbikes today!


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