Name: CFMoto 450CL-C Bobber

Type: Mid-sized Cruiser Motorcycle

Market: European Market (with potential availability in other international markets)


Size: Mid-sized

Engine: 449cc, parallel-twin, liquid-cooled engine with a 270-degree firing order

  • Horsepower: 43.6 HP at 9,000 rpm
  • Torque: 42 Nm at 6,250 rpm
  • Transmission: Six-speed gearbox with a slipper clutch

Availability: Currently available in Europe, with potential for expansion to other international markets.

CFMoto has made waves in the European motorcycle market with the launch of its 450CL-C bobber. Priced at EUR 5,790, this bike brings an intriguing mix of style, performance, and affordability, setting it up as a rival to notable models like the Kawasaki Eliminator 500 and the Honda Rebel 500. Let’s dive into a detailed review of what this motorcycle has to offer.

Design and Aesthetics: Classic Cruiser Appeal

The design of the CFMoto 450CL-C is undeniably influenced by the classic cruiser styling. With its round LED headlight, teardrop-shaped fuel tank, and curved rear fender, the bike bears a striking resemblance to the Kawasaki Vulcan S. This isn’t necessarily a drawback, as the Vulcan S is praised for its appealing design.

Available in two colors – Nebula Black and Bordeaux Red – the 450CL-C exudes a sophisticated and robust presence. The bar-end mirrors, engine fins, and double-barrelled exhaust contribute to its visual charm, making it a head-turner on the road. The attention to detail in the design is impressive, ensuring that it stands out in the crowded cruiser segment.

Engine and Performance: Powering Through the Streets

At the heart of the CFMoto 450CL-C is a 449cc, parallel-twin, liquid-cooled engine. This motor, featuring a 270-degree firing order, churns out 43.6 horsepower at 9,000rpm and a peak torque of 42Nm at 6,250rpm. These figures translate to a spirited performance, allowing riders to enjoy both city commuting and highway cruising with ease.

The engine is paired with a six-speed gearbox, ensuring smooth and efficient power delivery. Additionally, the inclusion of a slipper clutch as standard is a notable feature, enhancing the bike’s performance by reducing rear-wheel chatter during aggressive downshifts.

Riding Dynamics: Smooth and Stable

The 450CL-C’s riding dynamics are supported by a steel tubular frame, which offers a good balance of rigidity and flexibility. The suspension setup includes 37mm upside-down front forks and a rear monoshock, which work together to provide a comfortable ride over various road conditions.

The bike rides on 16-inch wheels fitted with CST Bobber tires, which offer decent grip and stability. Braking is handled by a 320mm disc up front and a 220mm disc at the rear, providing adequate stopping power. The inclusion of dual-channel ABS adds an extra layer of safety, ensuring that the bike remains stable during sudden braking.

Technology and Features: Modern Meets Classic

CFMoto has equipped the 450CL-C with a host of modern features while retaining its classic cruiser charm. The bike comes with all-LED lighting, enhancing visibility and adding a contemporary touch to its design. The round LED headlight, in particular, complements the bike’s retro-inspired look.

A TFT display serves as the instrument cluster, providing riders with all necessary information at a glance. This display is clear and easy to read, even in bright sunlight, ensuring that riders can keep track of speed, fuel level, and other important metrics without distraction.

Comfort and Ergonomics: Designed for Long Rides

Comfort is a crucial factor for any cruiser, and the CFMoto 450CL-C doesn’t disappoint. The seating position is relaxed, with forward-set footpegs and a wide, cushioned seat that allows riders to cover long distances without discomfort. The handlebars are positioned to provide a natural and comfortable grip, reducing strain on the wrists and shoulders during extended rides.

Passenger comfort is also considered, with a well-padded rear seat and sturdy grab rails. This makes the 450CL-C a practical option for those who enjoy riding with a companion.

Competitors: Standing Tall Among Rivals

In the mid-sized cruiser segment, the CFMoto 450CL-C faces stiff competition from established models like the Kawasaki Eliminator 500 and the Honda Rebel 500. Both these bikes are well-regarded for their performance, reliability, and brand heritage.

The Kawasaki Eliminator 500 features a slightly larger 500cc engine and comes with Kawasaki’s signature build quality and performance. However, it is priced higher than the 450CL-C, which may make the CFMoto a more attractive option for budget-conscious buyers.

The Honda Rebel 500, on the other hand, is known for its user-friendly nature and smooth performance. It offers a similar power output and features a low seat height, making it accessible to a wider range of riders. While it has a strong following, the CFMoto 450CL-C’s competitive pricing and stylish design give it an edge.

Price and Value: Affordable Excellence

One of the standout aspects of the CFMoto 450CL-C is its pricing. At EUR 5,790, it offers a lot of value for money. The combination of a powerful engine, stylish design, modern features, and solid build quality makes it a compelling option in the mid-sized cruiser segment.

When compared to its rivals, the 450CL-C provides a similar level of performance and features at a more affordable price point. This affordability, coupled with its distinctive design and robust performance, positions the CFMoto 450CL-C as a strong contender in the market.

Market Position: CFMoto 450CL-C Bobber

Introduction to CFMoto’s Market Strategy

CFMoto, a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, has been gradually gaining traction in the international motorcycle market. Known for producing affordable yet reliable motorcycles, CFMoto aims to challenge established brands by offering competitive products that appeal to a broad range of riders. The launch of the CFMoto 450CL-C bobber in Europe represents a strategic move to penetrate the mid-sized cruiser segment, which is dominated by well-established players like Kawasaki and Honda.

Target Audience: Affordable Cruising for the Masses

The CFMoto 450CL-C is designed to attract riders who seek a balance between style, performance, and affordability. Its competitive pricing at EUR 5,790 makes it an appealing option for budget-conscious riders who do not want to compromise on quality and features. The bike targets young professionals, urban commuters, and motorcycle enthusiasts who are looking for a stylish and reliable cruiser without breaking the bank.

Competitive Landscape: Challenging the Giants

In the mid-sized cruiser market, the CFMoto 450CL-C faces stiff competition from renowned models such as the Kawasaki Eliminator 500 and the Honda Rebel 500. Here’s how it stacks up against its competitors:

  • Kawasaki Eliminator 500: Known for its robust build and reliable performance, the Eliminator 500 features a slightly larger engine and comes with Kawasaki’s brand reputation. However, it is priced higher than the 450CL-C, making CFMoto’s offering a more cost-effective option.
  • Honda Rebel 500: The Rebel 500 is celebrated for its user-friendly nature and smooth performance. It offers a similar power output and is accessible to a wide range of riders due to its low seat height. While it has a strong following, the CFMoto 450CL-C’s affordability and distinctive design provide it with a competitive edge.

Unique Selling Propositions (USPs): What Sets the 450CL-C Apart?

The CFMoto 450CL-C differentiates itself in the market through several key features and advantages:

  • Stylish Design: The 450CL-C’s classic cruiser styling, with elements like a round LED headlight, teardrop-shaped fuel tank, and double-barrelled exhaust, gives it a distinctive look that appeals to a wide range of riders.
  • Modern Features: Equipped with all-LED lighting, a TFT display, and dual-channel ABS, the 450CL-C blends modern technology with classic aesthetics, offering a comprehensive package that enhances both safety and convenience.
  • Affordability: Priced at EUR 5,790, the 450CL-C offers significant value for money, making it an attractive option for those looking to enter the cruiser segment without spending a fortune.
  • Performance: With a 449cc parallel-twin engine producing 43.6 horsepower and 42Nm of torque, the 450CL-C delivers a spirited performance that is suitable for both urban commuting and highway cruising.

Market Positioning: Carving a Niche

CFMoto positions the 450CL-C as a stylish, affordable, and reliable mid-sized cruiser that offers a viable alternative to more expensive models from established brands. By focusing on delivering a high-quality product at a competitive price point, CFMoto aims to attract riders who might otherwise be priced out of the cruiser segment.

The company’s strategy includes leveraging online marketing, dealership networks, and customer testimonials to build brand awareness and trust in markets where it is relatively new. This approach helps CFMoto to carve out a niche in the highly competitive motorcycle market.

Potential Challenges and Opportunities


  • Brand Recognition: As a relatively new player in many markets, CFMoto faces the challenge of building brand recognition and trust among consumers who are more familiar with established brands like Kawasaki and Honda.
  • Quality Perception: Overcoming the perception that Chinese-made products are of lower quality remains a hurdle. CFMoto must consistently deliver high-quality, reliable motorcycles to change this narrative.

    • Rising Demand for Affordable Motorcycles: With increasing demand for affordable yet feature-rich motorcycles, CFMoto is well-positioned to capture a significant share of the market.
    • Expanding Global Footprint: By continuing to expand its presence in international markets, CFMoto can leverage its competitive pricing and unique design to attract a global customer base.

Final Thoughts: A Worthy Contender

The CFMoto 450CL-C bobber is a well-rounded motorcycle that brings together classic cruiser aesthetics, modern features, and impressive performance. It offers a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience, making it suitable for both city commutes and long rides.

While it faces tough competition from established models like the Kawasaki Eliminator 500 and the Honda Rebel 500, the 450CL-C holds its own with its competitive pricing and stylish design. For those looking for a mid-sized cruiser that combines the best of both worlds – classic looks and modern performance – the CFMoto 450CL-C is definitely worth considering.

In summary, the CFMoto 450CL-C bobber is a testament to the brand’s ability to deliver high-quality motorcycles at an affordable price. It is a motorcycle that not only meets but exceeds expectations, making it a worthy addition to the mid-sized cruiser segment.

CFMoto 450CL-C Bobber Technical Specifications

NameCFMoto 450CL-C Bobber
TypeMid-sized Cruiser Motorcycle
MarketEuropean Market
Engine449cc, parallel-twin, liquid-cooled
Horsepower43.6 HP at 9,000 rpm
Torque42 Nm at 6,250 rpm
TransmissionSix-speed gearbox
ClutchSlipper clutch
FrameSteel tubular frame
Front Suspension37mm upside-down front forks
Rear SuspensionRear monoshock
Front Brake320mm disc
Rear Brake220mm disc
Wheels16-inch wheels
TiresCST Bobber tires
LightingAll-LED lighting
Instrument ClusterTFT display
Safety FeaturesDual-channel ABS
Colors AvailableNebula Black, Bordeaux Red
PriceEUR 5,790
AvailabilityCurrently available in Europe

CFMoto Europe

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