Ducati Diavel V4

Type: Power Cruiser
Market: Premium
Size: Medium
Engine: 1,158cc V4, 168bhp, 126Nm
Availability: Global

Beneath the sun’s golden hue,
Roars a beast both fierce and true,
The Ducati Diavel V4’s might,
Turns every ride into pure delight.

Muscles flexed, a stance so bold,
With tales of power yet untold,
Quad exhausts sing a symphony,
Of speed and thrill, wild and free.


Twist the throttle, feel the surge,
As you and machine begin to merge,
Through city streets or open plains,
Adrenaline pulses through your veins.

Crafted with a touch of grace,
Every curve and every trace,
A blend of power, style, and flair,
On this ride, you’re beyond compare.

So if you seek a heart that’s wild,
And rides that leave you breathless, beguiled,
The Diavel V4 calls your name,
In Ducati’s legend, you’ll stake your claim.

When you think of a cruiser motorcycle, the first picture that often comes to mind is an old-school-styled, laid-back, low-stance motorcycle with a long-stroke engine. However, the Ducati Diavel V4 completely shatters this stereotype. This bike is butch, muscular, and packs a big V4 engine that offers an extraordinary riding experience. Let’s dive into what makes the Ducati Diavel V4 a standout in its class.

First Impressions: Bold and Powerful Design

One glance at the Ducati Diavel V4 is enough to realize it’s a powerhouse on two wheels. The front profile, overall dimensions, and the fat rear tire all scream power and presence. Key elements like the quad exhaust setup, single-sided swingarm, and floating rear seat add to the bike’s distinctiveness. These features not only enhance its aesthetics but also hint at the performance capabilities lurking beneath the surface.

Heart of the Beast: The 1,158cc V4 Granturismo Engine

At the core of the Ducati Diavel V4 is a 1,158cc V4 Granturismo engine. This mill produces a staggering 168bhp and 126Nm of torque. The engine is paired with a six-speed gearbox and benefits from a bi-directional quickshifter, making gear changes smooth and effortless. This setup ensures that the Diavel V4 is always ready to unleash its power, whether you’re cruising down the highway or tearing up a winding road.

Riding Experience: Unleashing the Firepower

In the real world, the Diavel V4’s firepower becomes evident as soon as you start accelerating. The engine revs quicker than you’d expect, providing an exhilarating ride. If you choose to ride the Diavel V4 in sports mode, be prepared for an adrenaline rush. The bike’s performance can be intimidating, regardless of your years of riding experience. However, this adds to the unique charm of the Diavel V4, making every ride an unforgettable experience.

Premium Build Quality and Features

The Ducati Diavel V4 exudes premium quality in every aspect. From its build quality to the paint finish, every detail has been meticulously crafted. The switches and even the nifty bits like the folding pillion footpeg give the Diavel V4 an expensive and luxurious feel. The TFT instrument cluster is another highlight, providing all the necessary information at a glance and enhancing the bike’s modern appeal.

High Price Tag: Is It Worth the Investment?

With a price tag of Rs. 32 lakh, the Ducati Diavel V4 is undoubtedly a significant investment. This isn’t an ordinary price for a motorcycle, even in the premium segment. So, the big question is, should you spend so much money on purchasing the Diavel V4? The answer largely depends on what you’re looking for in a bike. If you want a unique, powerful, and premium motorcycle that stands out in a crowd, then the Diavel V4 is worth every penny.

Performance and Handling: A Cruiser That Thinks It’s a Sportbike

One of the most surprising aspects of the Ducati Diavel V4 is its performance and handling. Despite being categorized as a cruiser, this bike handles more like a sportbike. The combination of the powerful V4 engine and the advanced electronics package ensures that the Diavel V4 offers a thrilling ride. The bike is agile, responsive, and can handle corners with ease. This makes it a versatile choice for riders who want the best of both worlds – the comfort of a cruiser and the performance of a sportbike.

Comfort and Ergonomics: Designed for Long Rides

While the Diavel V4 is a beast when it comes to performance, it doesn’t compromise on comfort. The seating position is relaxed and comfortable, making it suitable for long rides. The floating rear seat adds a touch of luxury, ensuring that both the rider and the pillion can enjoy a comfortable journey. The bike’s suspension setup is also designed to absorb bumps and provide a smooth ride, further enhancing its comfort levels.

Advanced Technology: Enhancing the Riding Experience

Ducati has equipped the Diavel V4 with a host of advanced technologies to enhance the riding experience. The bike features multiple riding modes, including Sport, Touring, and Urban, allowing you to tailor the performance to your preferences. The electronics package includes cornering ABS, traction control, wheelie control, and launch control, ensuring that you have all the assistance you need to ride safely and confidently.

Fuel Efficiency: A Trade-Off for Performance

Given the powerful V4 engine, it’s no surprise that the Ducati Diavel V4 isn’t the most fuel-efficient motorcycle on the market. However, considering the performance it offers, this is a trade-off that many riders are willing to accept. If fuel efficiency is a top priority for you, then the Diavel V4 might not be the best choice. But if you’re looking for raw power and an exhilarating riding experience, then the fuel consumption is a small price to pay.

Customization Options: Making the Diavel V4 Your Own

One of the great things about the Ducati Diavel V4 is the range of customization options available. Ducati offers a variety of accessories and upgrades that allow you to personalize your bike to suit your style and preferences. From performance upgrades to aesthetic enhancements, you can make the Diavel V4 truly your own. This adds to the bike’s appeal, making it a versatile choice for riders who want a unique and personalized motorcycle.

Key Competitors of the Ducati Diavel V4

The Ducati Diavel V4, with its blend of cruiser comfort and sportbike performance, sits in a unique niche. However, it does face competition from several high-end motorcycles that offer similar levels of performance, style, and premium features. Here are some of its key competitors:

Harley-Davidson V-Rod

Harley-Davidson V-Rod: Iconic Power Cruiser

The Harley-Davidson V-Rod is a legendary power cruiser that offers a similar blend of performance and style. With its liquid-cooled Revolution engine, the V-Rod delivers impressive power and torque. Its iconic design and strong brand heritage make it a formidable competitor in the cruiser segment.

Engine and Performance: The V-Rod’s 1,250cc V-Twin engine produces around 125bhp, offering robust acceleration and a thrilling ride.

Design and Features: Known for its distinctive look, the V-Rod features a muscular stance, dual exhaust pipes, and a low-slung profile. Its build quality and attention to detail are top-notch, making it a premium option for cruiser enthusiasts.

Yamaha VMAX

Yamaha VMAX: Muscle Bike with a V4 Engine

The Yamaha VMAX is another strong competitor, known for its brutal acceleration and raw power. Like the Diavel V4, the VMAX features a V4 engine, which provides immense performance capabilities.

Engine and Performance: The 1,679cc V4 engine of the VMAX delivers 197bhp, making it one of the most powerful bikes in its category. Its performance-oriented design ensures a thrilling ride every time.

Design and Features: The VMAX has a bold, aggressive design with a prominent air intake, aluminum frame, and a distinctive exhaust setup. Its advanced electronics and high-quality components make it a worthy rival to the Diavel V4.

Triumph Rocket 3

Triumph Rocket 3: The Torque Monster

The Triumph Rocket 3 is famous for having the largest production motorcycle engine in the world. Its massive 2,500cc inline-three engine produces incredible torque, offering unparalleled acceleration and performance.

Engine and Performance: The Rocket 3’s engine generates 167bhp and a staggering 221Nm of torque, making it a true powerhouse on the road. Despite its size, the bike handles surprisingly well, offering a balanced and comfortable ride.

Design and Features: The Rocket 3 features a muscular design with a distinctive triple-exhaust setup, premium build quality, and advanced electronics. It’s designed to offer both performance and comfort, making it a versatile competitor.

Indian Scout Bobber

Indian Scout Bobber: Classic Style with Modern Performance

The Indian Scout Bobber combines classic cruiser aesthetics with modern performance and technology. It offers a blend of heritage and innovation that appeals to many riders.

Engine and Performance: The Scout Bobber is powered by a 1,133cc V-Twin engine producing 100bhp and 97Nm of torque. It offers a smooth and responsive ride, making it a great option for both city and highway riding.

Design and Features: The Scout Bobber features a low-slung design, blacked-out components, and a minimalist look. It focuses on providing a raw and authentic riding experience, with modern touches like a digital speedometer and advanced suspension.


BMW R18: Retro Cruiser with a Modern Twist

The BMW R18 blends retro styling with modern engineering, offering a unique take on the cruiser segment. Its large displacement boxer engine and classic design make it a standout competitor.

Engine and Performance: The R18’s 1,802cc boxer engine produces 91bhp and 158Nm of torque. While it may not be as powerful as some of its competitors, it offers a smooth and torquey ride that is quintessentially BMW.

Design and Features: The R18’s design pays homage to BMW’s heritage with its exposed shaft drive, teardrop fuel tank, and classic lines. It features modern amenities like LED lighting, electronic rider aids, and high-quality finishes, making it a blend of old and new.

Here’s a comparison table of the key competitors of the Ducati Diavel V4 with the specified details:

Ducati Diavel V4Power CruiserPremiumMedium1,158cc V4, 168bhp, 126NmGlobal
Harley-Davidson V-RodPower CruiserPremiumMedium1,250cc V-Twin, 125bhpDiscontinued (was available globally)
Yamaha VMAXMuscle BikePremiumLarge1,679cc V4, 197bhpLimited markets (mainly North America)
Triumph Rocket 3Muscle CruiserPremiumLarge2,500cc Inline-Three, 167bhp, 221NmGlobal
Indian Scout BobberCruiserMid-PremiumMedium1,133cc V-Twin, 100bhp, 97NmGlobal
BMW R18Retro CruiserPremiumLarge1,802cc Boxer-Twin, 91bhp, 158NmGlobal

Let’s analyze the market position of each competitor, including the Ducati Diavel V4.

NameTypeMarket Position
Ducati Diavel V4Power CruiserHigh-End Premium: Positioned as a luxurious and high-performance power cruiser, appealing to enthusiasts seeking top-tier engineering and design.
Harley-Davidson V-RodPower CruiserLegendary Icon: Known for its iconic status and strong brand heritage, it appeals to traditional cruiser enthusiasts and those seeking a powerful legacy.
Yamaha VMAXMuscle BikePerformance-Oriented: Focused on delivering raw power and acceleration, it targets riders looking for a high-adrenaline experience.
Triumph Rocket 3Muscle CruiserTorque Monster: Positioned as a bike with unparalleled torque and power, it appeals to those looking for sheer performance and impressive specifications.
Indian Scout BobberCruiserClassic with Modern Twist: Combines classic cruiser aesthetics with modern performance, targeting riders who value heritage and contemporary features.
BMW R18Retro CruiserRetro-Modern Blend: Emphasizes retro styling with modern engineering, appealing to riders who appreciate vintage looks with current technology.

Verdict: A Cruiser Like No Other

In conclusion, the Ducati Diavel V4 is a cruiser like no other. It combines the best elements of a cruiser and a sportbike, offering a unique and thrilling riding experience. With its powerful V4 engine, premium build quality, advanced technology, and versatile performance, the Diavel V4 is a standout in the motorcycle world. While its high price tag might be a deterrent for some, those who invest in the Diavel V4 will be rewarded with a bike that is truly extraordinary.

So, if you’re in the market for a powerful, premium, and unique motorcycle, the Ducati Diavel V4 should definitely be on your list. Give it a go, and you’ll understand why it’s worth every penny.

Discover the Ultimate Riding Experience with the Ducati Diavel V4

Are you ready to break free from the ordinary and experience the extraordinary? The Ducati Diavel V4 is not just a motorcycle; it’s a statement of power, luxury, and unparalleled performance. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to the world of high-performance cruisers, the Diavel V4 promises to deliver an unforgettable journey every time you hit the road.

Why Choose the Ducati Diavel V4?

  • Unmatched Performance: Feel the rush of the 1,158cc V4 Granturismo engine delivering 168bhp and 126Nm of torque.
  • Premium Build Quality: Experience the luxury in every detail, from the high-quality paint to the meticulously crafted components.
  • Advanced Technology: Enjoy the latest in rider aids and electronics, ensuring a safe and exhilarating ride.
  • Distinctive Design: Stand out from the crowd with the Diavel V4’s aggressive, muscular aesthetics.

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Ducati Diavel V4 Specifications

Mileage18.2 kmpl
Displacement1158 cc
Engine TypeV4 Granturismo, 4 valves per cylinder, counter-rotating crankshaft, Twin Pulse firing order, liquid cooled
Max Power170.33 PS @ 10750 rpm
Max Torque126 Nm @ 7500 rpm
Front BrakeDisc
Rear BrakeDisc
Fuel Capacity20 L
Body TypeCruiser

Ducati Diavel V4 Features

ABSDual Channel
Mobile ConnectivityBluetooth
Riding ModesSports,Touring,Urban
Traction ControlYes
Cruise ControlYes
Launch ControlYes
Power ModesYes
LED Tail LightYes

Ducati Diavel V4 App Features

Navigation assistYes

Ducati Diavel V4 Specifications

Engine and Transmission

Engine TypeV4 Granturismo, 4 valves per cylinder, counter-rotating crankshaft, Twin Pulse firing order, liquid cooled
Displacement1158 cc
Max Torque126 Nm @ 7500 rpm
Cooling SystemLiquid Cooled
Valve Per Cylinder4
StartingSelf Start Only
Fuel SupplyFuel Injection
ClutchHydraulically controlled slipper and self-servo wet multiplate clutch
Gear Box6 Speed
Bore83 mm
Stroke53.5 mm
Compression Ratio14.0:1
Emission Typebs6-2.0


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