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Explore the latest updates of the Bajaj Pulsar N160, featuring a fully digital instrument console, an E20-compliant engine, and consistent hardware. Our detailed analysis covers the bike’s design, performance, technological enhancements, and market position.

Learn about the pros and cons, and see how it fares against its competitors. Perfect for motorcycle enthusiasts and potential buyers looking for an in-depth review of the updated Pulsar N160.


The Bajaj Pulsar N160, a prominent name in the motorcycle world, is set to receive significant updates that are stirring interest among bike enthusiasts. A recent revelation via a YouTube video has shed light on what to expect from this updated model.


In this article, we thoroughly examine the new features, engine specifications, design elements, and overall performance of the upcoming Bajaj Pulsar N160. This analysis aims to provide a detailed overview for prospective buyers and motorcycle enthusiasts, highlighting the key changes and how they stack up in the competitive market.

Overview: The Evolution of Bajaj Pulsar N160

The Bajaj Pulsar N160 has always been a significant player in the competitive motorcycle market. A recent YouTube video has provided enthusiasts with a sneak peek into what the updated Pulsar N160 offers. This article delves deep into the features, engine specifications, and overall design of the upcoming Bajaj Pulsar N160, providing a comprehensive review for potential buyers and motorcycle aficionados.

Key Features of the Updated Bajaj Pulsar N160

  • Digital Instrument Console: A major upgrade is the introduction of a fully digital instrument cluster, offering enhanced connectivity and access to vital data like calls and SMS alerts.
  • E20-Compliant Engine: The Pulsar N160 will now be powered by an E20-compliant engine, ensuring improved environmental friendliness.
  • Consistent Hardware: Despite the upgrades, the motorcycle retains its fundamental hardware components, ensuring the same trusted performance.

In-Depth Analysis: What’s New in the Bajaj Pulsar N160?

Design and Aesthetics

The upcoming Bajaj Pulsar N160 maintains its lineage in design, keeping the LED projector headlights and the signature LED DRLs. Its sporty yet commuter-friendly styling, coupled with the unchanged bodywork, continues to appeal to its target audience.

Technological Enhancements

A significant leap in technology is seen in the new fully digital instrument cluster. This upgrade not only enhances the bike’s modern appeal but also provides better functionality with smartphone connectivity, a feature that resonates well with the tech-savvy rider of today.

Engine and Performance

The heart of the Pulsar N160, a 164.82cc single-cylinder, air/oil-cooled engine, remains robust and reliable. Its compatibility with E20 fuel is a nod to environmental consciousness, without compromising on the power output of 15.68bhp and 14.65Nm torque.

Hardware and Handling

The Pulsar N160’s hardware, including telescopic front forks and a monoshock, along with a front and rear disc braking system with dual-channel ABS, remains consistent. These features ensure a balance between comfortable riding and agile handling.

Additional Features

The anticipation of new paint schemes adds to the excitement, offering a fresh look while retaining the bike’s core aesthetics.

Market Position and Competitors

The Bajaj Pulsar N160 competes in a tough segment, facing off against rivals like the Yamaha FZ, TVS Apache RTR 160, and the Honda Hornet. Its blend of performance, design, and technology keeps it in a strong position.

Comparative Analysis: Pros and Cons

Advanced Digital Instrument PanelSlight Price Increase Expected
E20 Fuel CompatibilityDesign Remains Largely Unchanged
Reliable and Efficient EngineLimited Gearbox to Five-Speed
Solid Hardware and Handling
Smartphone Connectivity

Conclusion: Is the Updated Bajaj Pulsar N160 Worth the Wait?

The Bajaj Pulsar N160’s latest iteration seems to offer a well-rounded package, keeping its core strengths intact while embracing new technology.

Its digital instrument console and E20-compliant engine are notable upgrades, catering to the evolving needs of riders. The bike’s consistent design and hardware underline Bajaj’s confidence in its existing formula, which has already proven successful in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the major upgrades in the new Bajaj Pulsar N160?
  • The major upgrades include a fully digital instrument console and an E20-compliant engine.
  • Will there be any change in the price of the updated Pulsar N160?
  • A slight increase in price is anticipated due to the new features.
  • How does the updated Pulsar N160 compare with its competitors?
  • It stands strong against competitors with its blend of technology, performance, and consistent design.

For those considering a robust, efficient, and technologically advanced motorcycle, the updated Bajaj Pulsar N160 is certainly worth considering. Stay tuned for more updates and detailed reviews as the launch date approaches.

Image Source:Sangram AutoWorld

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