Custom Ducati 750 ss by Cedric Tenquir

 Custom Ducati 750 ss by Cedric Tenquir

The Ducati 750 SS by Cedric Tenquir all clad with sumptuous metal not only looks exquisite but an exceptional work on the metal.

The custom looks like Gods could use it as a chariot in the battles.

In the past, Cedric has already proved the above point; however, this build is something different. And is an extension of what he is doing before.

We understand when it comes to twist and turn the metal and give it a unique shape is a difficult task. 

The 750 ss is a head-turner, and we feel the ideal place for such builds are either museum or a large living room with lavish furniture in it.

Apart from the engine, Cedric has removed everything from the original bike. Other components were all made by investing in manual work and long hours.

The bike now gets the run around the engine and the frame carved from molybdenum chrome tubes.

The wheels arrive from the 1098 and the rear swingarm from Monster S4.

Details on the custom build are mind-boggling, and we can see the details in every component in every line Cedric has built.

Source : Cevennes Retro Motor

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