“Some of us like to play it safe and take each day as it comes. Some of us like to take crazy walk on the wild side”.

 – Michael Jackson – Dangerous Live 1995

Barbara Customs also does similar with there wild and insane motorcycle designs.There cruiser’s powerful renderings obscure the limits among dream and reality: while every one of these bikes loan themselves to various scenes, the majority of their individual styles absolutely convey a science fiction impact.


The inspiration is brought from mammals like “Black Mamba” snake and from “Black Matter” which is hypothetical matter of unknown composition in Universe.Motivation in the designs also comes from science fiction movies .Some designs are so divergent that you might think “Is there a possibility that such kind of designs exists”. Well then you pinch yourself and say YES they do.

Lets get inside the head of Barbara Customs and see how they take a walk on the wild side.

1.Tell me something about Barbara Motorcycles?
Barbara Customs : Created in 2016 by French designer Benoit, Barbara is a Concept Design studio based in Paris.Whether   you are professional or private, whether you want to redesign a bike, find a new line, a new color, a new spirit, your project  is going to be awesome.

Barbara will help you to visualize your amazing project before manufacturing. You will not find any wrenches, Hex keys, drill, or soldering iron, but computers.

2.Your ideas are out of the world about the custom motorcycles? How do you think about them?
Barbara Customs : Well in fact my work has two different lines. Barbara helps the customers to visualize the Motorcycle before it is built, people call me and ask me for a design of their bike, before starting to work on it in a garage. This process saves lot of time and money. They know mostly what they want, but don’t manage to see it.

So I normally do their design, and it’s great like that. When i work with professional motorcycle garage, I listen and grasp their technical knowledge and its help a lot to be more accurate.

In Photoshop you can do what you want, not on the road. On the other line, I am totally free to create what I want. Try to find other concept, try to be different from others. They are concepts, some can be built and some others cant.But it is what I like.  Trying to be different.

3.How do you think the custom motorcycle market is changing compared with market that was 20 or 30 years before?
Barbara Customs :
I love what is happening today. The market has really change. Big traditional Brands work with small designer more and more these days. The world of custom has become a real marketing playground. When a new bike goes on the market, most of brand likes to call some great bespoke designer to create something with their new model.

They understood that the fact to have a unique personal bike is important to their clients. That’s why they also create lot of accessories around their new model. There is also something new on the worldwide market it’s the EBike rising.  Everybody, wants to make Electric bike. Lots of new brands are taking this opportunity. Something big is happening.

4.Have you designed any electric motorcycle?
Barbara Customs : Yes I have design some  Triumph E – BLACK MATTER ,  Husqvarna – AMPULEX COMPRESSA,  Alpha Machina 1 some others are still in process. And I have designed some clients. They are in conception-production so I can’t talk too much about them.

5.What is the most interesting motorcycle design that you had made?
Barbara Customs : This is a not so easy question. I like many of them, but there is one, that I am  kind of more-happy-with . The EBike Husqvarna – AMPULEX COMPRESSA – I like it. It’s weird because i don’t believe in all those plastic on the new bike in the market. And this one is nearly full composite made. I think it’s the simplicity of his/her line. There is something smooth, something you want to touch.

6.How do I see Barbara Motorcycles in future?
Barbara Customs : I work with very talented folks, this is really amazing to me. They trust Barbara. I would love to be on a world record project. E bike. But it’s on his way. Stay tuned…..

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Source : Barbara Customs

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