1. How did Moto Candy start?
David: I started the shop/brand based on the wish, to become an active part in the motorcycle world, rather than just being a consumer. Having a daytime job at a desk is good, but there was a wish, to go further in life and get more involved in the motoring world.

Due to a change in my job position, I decided to spend some time on setting up Moto Candy, get the Lolly-Pop ready and tuned to join the Sultans of Sprint challenge. Since I already had the bike, it was an obvious decision to take it as the basis for the sprint bike. 

After having agreed with Thomas and Beat (they are running this year their own bike called Black Bull), to transform a road-going bike into a drag-racer, we started with ordering all the parts and build what we today know as the Lolly-Pop, the sugar rush bike.


2. What do you like to call yourself a Designer, Builder or Innovator?
 Actually, I am none of those. Just being a motorcycle rider who got infected with the bug and just been sucked into the motoring world, which we love so much.

If I have to describe myself or give a “title”, I believe the closest would be passionate about engines with a vision of things to come.

3. What are the challenges that you face while building the motorcycle?
David: Since I am not a mechanic myself, it was not easy to decide on what exactly should be done on the engine, what parts do we want to be changed.

So I had to rely on other people’s advice (next to Thomas who is a proper mechanic), such as NRHS, Thundermax, and Pingle from the US.

I am very lucky in as such, that their advice and eventually the parts I ordered from them all worked out just fine right away. 

As often, when you start using aftermarket tuning parts (we mounted: bigger cylinders, domed pistons, machined/ported heads, racing cams, mapping re-tuning, open short headers and to top it off a nitrous system) not all the parts necessarily work out amongst them, so you end up having to machine or adjust engine parts to make all work out.

We basically had no issues and all the hardware fits and works just fine. The last bit now is to get the mapping spot-on as the last thing changed is the exhaust system.

 However, we really underestimated how much the bike is vibrating, as we keep losing all possible screws, parts fall of or simply brake. So we are constantly checking and re-checking whether all is tight and in one piece.

4. Could you let us know more about your Sugar Rush motorcycle?
 The bike is one of the very rare swiss motorcycles made by CCCP, in Malters. As in Switzerland, it’s the frame that gives the title, I am running a proper swiss brand motorcycle.

They only sell motorcycles upon order, as they specialized in hard-tailed Harley-Davidson powered bikes.

The bike is road-registered the way it basically looks like, the only thing changed is the fairing and the elimination of lights. Of course, now with the tuning, I could not register it anymore, but maybe one day, it will be transformed back to a road bike. I guess time will tell…

5.With ” Electric ” as a buzzword. Do you have any plans to build Electric Motorcycle?
 Electric is very interesting, especially since you have the full torque available from a stand still. So for sprint racing, it would make a very good starting point.

But from my personal perspective, I am a true petrol-head and since I have only limited time available, electric is not an option. Having said that, I do follow what’s going on and for sure will ride one if I can.

6. How do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
David: Having mentioned before, being passionate with a vision, I do know it’s very difficult to anticipate the future. My personal wish is to still be racing motorcycles, whether with the Sultans or elsewhere, making the brand/shop Moto Candy grow further and hopefully make other people happy with it.

Being an active part of the motorcycle cosmos, meeting old and new friends and having fun with what I am doing.

Source : Moto Candy 
Pic Credits : Götz Göppert

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