“The Mustard” leaves you speechless at the first instance. Not on account of its one of a kind look or position, but as you look  it from near, it isn’t that far expelled from a stock Forty-Eight, and that’s the thing they were going for. This at that point permits significantly more clients and Harley admirers to have the equivalent, but with slight changes to make it really their own. Components like rear-set pegs and lower handlebar are for the most part workable for the individuals who need them.

Everyone takes motivation to accomplish a final product, and Shaw did the same. The Mustard originated from a few pictures of an custom Porsche. The lines, tones and back light and exhausts format stimulated  enough to deliver something comparative. What’s more, before anybody asks, The Mustard wheels are standard things with slick additions and delicious text style for the Harley marking.

Neil Sefton  – Head Technician, Speed and Custom.


Shaw Harley-Davidson when Neil Sefton joined he says he was able to flex is hand freely and play around with components well including the washing machines.That made his technical skills grow with his passion and ability to think something innovative.Like we see ‘ The Mustard ‘.Earlier Neil was involved in many good projects.“Strike True II” the bike that became the first machine from Europe – and the first Harley dealership entry – to win the coveted AMD World Championship for Modified Harleys. Oh! And then there was the Bell & Ross “Nascafe Racer”, which people still talk about today.

Source : Shaw Harley Davidson

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