Custom : PJ’s Metals of Antiquity

 Custom : PJ’s Metals of Antiquity
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It is 2000 BC and man had just started to create copper tools in South America. It is Huastec era in Central Mexico where ships explored the Panuco River. Trade winds blew from the east. People are into farming and the main crops they cultivate are corns and beans.

Culturally dominant in their region Huastec people are quite peace loving. Gathering food played important role in there agenda.

They made settlements in El Tamuin in San Luis Potosi, Yahualica and Huejutla in Hidalgo, Tzicoaxc on the Veracruz/Puebla border as well. Sound of clinks, metal wielding and small fires burning molten metals were beginning to rise. Little did everyone know that this age will turn the future of humans.

PJ as a child was wondering across and had nothing to do apart from playing with toys which his father had lovingly made for him. Sun was soon to set. PJ was home from his friend’s house. His father is a great artist and a very well know merchant for clean trade.

For PJ the greatest pep was his toys which were very close to his heart and was his father’s wonderful creation. Every day he used to play and keep those iron toys near his head while sleeping at night.

They worship Quetzalcoat meant “feathered serpent “.The Aztec god of wind, air, and learning. His royal court consisted artisans, priests, political advisors, military heads and administrative overseers.

The court also had paintings that had great history. In the royal court on his left he had enormous iron sculptures the art newly initiated by PJ’s father. PJ however went to royal court twice when he was too small with his father and little did he remember about his father’s iron sculptures.

PJ said to his father. Father you always talk about the royal court that it is ‘State of Art ‘why don’t you take me with you sometime. PJ’s father smiled and nodded and said him that he will take Aztec God’s permission to bring him in court. Aztec god does allow PJ to come in royal court.

PJ is astonished when he sees the enormous iron sculptures made by his father. As they are going home PJ asks his father as to how many days it took for him to complete these sculptures. His Father replies well he says 20 years and he had few workers who had helped him.

Since that day PJ decides that he wants to be like his father who is not only a magnificent artist but a great human by heart. As PJ starts getting younger his art starts getting known far and wide .But he himself is not convinced about his art as he is hungry to do something new.

One night PJ wakes and comes out of his house. He stares up suddenly at moon and he thinks to himself can’t I make two spheres like moon of iron. Immediately he starts to wield iron at the night. Within a month he makes one iron sphere and in next month he makes other sphere.

PJ still is not happy and again starts thinking what do I do with these two spheres. I need something to connect them he slowly builds an iron connector rod and connects the two wheels.

His hunger grows more. He spends several more sleepless nights .He builds a handle and connects two spheres with handle. Seat is something he builds after pushing his mind thinking about can a person seat on this. PJ integrates each and every component.

Thus building the entire motorcycle sculpture using metal.

PJ is awarded as ‘Greatest artist of all time’ by Aztec God and is given special place in his royal court and soon he is been requested by various people as to how he build his sculpture including myself.

Here is my detail talk with PJ.

1.How did your passion for metal work started? 
PJ : I took four years of metal shop in high school and really enjoyed it. After graduation I started working in the fencing industry and continued working with metal in various ways in my daily work life so it’s always kind of been a part of me. Throughout the spring and summer months of 2015 I started dabbling in artistic scrap-metal art.

Seeing all these amazing works of art on Pinterest and especially Instagram inspired me to try new things and push myself to make pieces that we’re on par with those of the men and women I looked up to. It wasn’t until very recently that I realized I had accomplished my goal and it’s such a humbling feeling to have others tell me that my work inspired them to create their own work of art.

2.What you would have done if your passion was not the same as today which meant making sculptures in metals?
PJ : I have always loved working with my hands whether it be creating things or working on mechanical things. If I wasn’t welding art together I would most likely be building hot-rods or motorcycles as a hobby. Which hopefully is something I’ll be able to do later on life.

3.Your ideas are amazing and the work is detail.How do you all do such stuff?
PJ : Time. Most of my really detailed pieces take 30+ hours to complete which gives me the time to work on every little detail I think needs to be done.

The key is to visualize the end result and try to use the pieces of scrap you have in the best way. Some of those details can be the biggest pain in the butt and others are a national idea that just works perfectly. Take the seat on the dirt bike I made for example.

I was stressing over what to use for it days and happen to see that file laying in my junk tool box. Once I cut it and cleaned it up it felt like and actually seat cover. Some of my best details just “happen”

4.Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
PJ : Standing in my garage at my bench making money welding. It’s still a hobby for me at this point but I am starting to see that with a few lucky breaks and a whole lotta hard work I could actually do this for a living! My goal is to get my work into some local art galleries and other places it can be seen and enjoyed… As well as sold.

5.What do you do in your leisure time?
PJ : To be honest, this is what I do in my leisure time as of late. I am a huge Motocross fan and love riding, but I had to sell my bike last year to be able afford to continue this dream of being an artist. My 8 year old little girl still rides and takes up a lot of my free time with her various activities.

I do try to play a few rounds of golf every month, but I am still not very good. It’s just nice to get out of the house and spend some time with the boys.

Once I “make it” as an artist I fully intend to purchase another motocross bike and get myself back into riding shape. The feelings of excitement and freedom you get from riding your bike is unmatched by any other activities in this world.

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