Custom : Shaw Harley Davidson presents the XL 1200 Roadster

Custom : Shaw Harley Davidson presents the XL 1200 Roadster

Motor Bike Expo at Verona showed lot of variety and innovative motorcycles but one among them stood apart was a motorcycle that was exhibited by Shaw Harley – Davidson  a tweaked XL1200 Roadster called Free Spirits. The bike is named Free Spirits , named after the renowned maker of adornments and segments reseller’s exchange for Harley – Davidson.

Free Spirits and the Shaw merchant have an association that has gone on for a long time thus the merchant has chosen to praise it by renaming the bike in their respect.

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The outcome is a Harley-Davidson XL1200R totally changed and roused by the Flat Track rivalries , utilizing many Free Spirits parts.

New brake plates have been introduced , both at the front and back, additionally changing the front brake caliper section, in order to expand protection from stress and increment its capacity and regulation.

The HD technician additionally supplanted the rider hassocks and supplanted the brake and move pedal switches, making the driving position progressively powerful.

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New risers for the handlebars were then embraced and the back suspension set up was changed, streamlining strength at high speeds.

A further change, additionally made Free Spirits, is the assurance of the motor in fiberglass. This stylish part covers the motor and furthermore gives a hustling’s look to the bike.

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Numerous different changes have been made to the FS1200R: notwithstanding the previously mentioned adjustments, a 19-inch front edge has been fitted to the back , while aluminum spacers have been fitted to the front to enable a solitary plate to be fitted, while the tires are Dunlop DT3 Flat.


The tank originates from a Harley-Davidson Street 750 and has been customized with the name Free Spirits , while the first seat has been supplanted by an aluminum bolster with a committed cushioning.

The last touch, from genuine earth track bikes, is the numbered treated steel numbered entryway table that conceals a rectangular beacon. Notwithstanding the Free Spirits parts,

  • Motogadget advanced tachometer and
  • The hand-made treated steel exhaust framework with Racefit Growler suppressors has likewise been introduced.

Pic Source : MotoIt

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