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Franco Morbidelli’s name has always echoed with talent and promise in the MotoGP circuit. But, as we move closer to the 2024 season, the Italian rider is set to embrace one of the most crucial changes in his career. He’s making a move to Ducati and joining the ranks of Pramac Racing. Here, I’ll take you through why this transition promises a thrilling new chapter in Morbidelli’s racing journey.

Here are some thoughts on the news:

1. Franco Morbidelli’s move: It’s evident Morbidelli’s time with the Yamaha factory team was not as fruitful as many would have hoped, given his runner-up status in 2020. The shift to Pramac Racing and riding a current Ducati machine could reignite his career, offering a fresh environment and potentially a more competitive bike. Ducati has been competitive in recent seasons, and the Desmosedici GP24 might offer him the edge he needs.

2. Zarco to Honda: Johann Zarco’s move to Honda is interesting. Given the historical competitiveness of Repsol Honda, it could be a great opportunity for Zarco to showcase his talent further.



3. Pramac’s Strong Line-up: With Morbidelli teaming up with Jorge Martin, Pramac Racing is fielding a powerful duo. Both riders have shown brilliance on the track, and this partnership might be one to watch in 2024.


4. Italian Connection: The emphasis on an Italian rider for an Italian team with Italian sponsors (Prima) underlines the significance of national pride in MotoGP. Morbidelli, being a VR46 protégé, adds another layer to this narrative.

Winning Formula

5. Ducati’s Winning Formula: Ducati has consistently showcased its competitive edge in recent years. Their advanced engineering and attention to performance have propelled many riders to the podium. By choosing to ride a Ducati machine, specifically the Desmosedici GP24, Morbidelli isn’t just changing bikes; he’s aligning himself with a brand that screams performance.

6. Ducati’s Support: Gigi Dall’Igna’s statement suggests Ducati is willing to offer robust support to Morbidelli. A factory-supported bike from Ducati for a rider in the satellite team is a significant commitment and indicates Ducati’s trust in Morbidelli’s abilities.


All in all, the 2024 MotoGP season is shaping up to be an exciting one with these shifts. Morbidelli’s transition to Ducati and Pramac Racing could be one of the standout storylines, and it will be thrilling to see how he adapts to his new machine and team environment.


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