delta4x4's Masterpiece: Unveiling the New Genesis GV70 Project Overland

delta4x4’s Masterpiece

Genesis Europe and delta4x4 have teamed up to create a one-off GV70 overland concept vehicle, showcasing the luxury SUV’s potential for off-road adventures. The modified GV70 features a lifted and widened stance, rugged wheels, and a custom roof rack for overlanding gear. While not slated for production, the concept demonstrates the GV70’s versatility and rugged capabilities.

Delta4x4, a renowned German automotive tuner established in 1980, has a long history of transforming high-end vehicles into rugged off-roaders. The company’s portfolio includes modified Mercedes G-Class wagons, safari-style Porsche 992s, and an off-road version of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. Given this expertise, Genesis Europe selected delta4x4 to rework its GV70 crossover SUV into a robust overlander.

Genesis GV70

Key Points

  • Genesis Europe and delta4x4 have partnered to create a one-off GV70 overland concept vehicle.
  • The build is based on a 3.5T Sport-spec GV70 and has been lifted and widened by approximately 2.0 inches.
  • It is also equipped with a set of 18-inch classic B-rugged wheels shod in Continental ATR tires.
  • Flared fenders have been fitted at all four corners to open up space for the build’s bigger wheels and tires, and increased suspension travel.
  • The bottom of the vehicle has been bestowed with a skid plate, while the top has been capped off with a custom roof rack that allows it to accommodate a wide range of overlanding gear including a PIAA light bar, locking gear cases, a shovel, and a full set of recovery boards.
  • Sunken into the crossover’s lower side grilles are a pair of quad-unit LED auxiliary lights from Baja Designs.
  • The Genesis Europe x delta4x4 GV70 “Project Overland” will not be entering production, but it does a great job of demonstrating the luxury SUV’s potential to be built out as a ruggedized, go-anywhere mobile base camp.
  • The vehicle will be on display at the Essen Motor Show at the Continental stand starting December 1st.

Project Overland

The project, known as “Project Overland,” began with the GV70’s 3.5T Sport-spec model. Despite its compact luxury crossover design, the GV70 proved to be an excellent candidate for an overland build. Delta4x4 enhanced the vehicle by lifting and widening it by about 2 inches. It was then fitted with 18-inch classic B-rugged wheels wrapped in Continental ATR tires. To accommodate the larger wheels, tires, and increased suspension travel, flared fenders were added to each corner.

Luxury Off-Roader

The vehicle’s underside is protected by a skid plate, while the top features a custom roof rack. This rack supports various overlanding equipment, including a PIAA light bar, locking gear cases, a shovel, and a set of recovery boards. Additionally, the GV70 features integrated quad-unit LED auxiliary lights from Baja Designs in its lower-side grilles. Although the Genesis Europe x delta4x4 GV70 “Project Overland” is not set for production, it showcases the SUV’s potential as a luxurious, all-terrain mobile base camp.

The collaboration between delta4x4 and Genesis Europe to create the “Project Overland” version of the Genesis GV70 has several key points of analysis and potential impacts on car enthusiasts:

  • Blending Luxury with Ruggedness: The project demonstrates a growing trend in the automotive industry where luxury and off-road capability are combined. This appeals to a segment of car enthusiasts who appreciate both the comfort and high-end features of luxury vehicles and the robustness required for off-roading.
  • Innovation in Customization: Delta4x4’s approach to transforming a compact luxury crossover into a capable off-roader is a testament to the possibilities in vehicle customization. This might inspire car enthusiasts and custom builders to explore similar projects, pushing the boundaries of what’s considered feasible in car modifications.
  • Raising the Profile of Off-Road Modifications: The project could increase interest in off-road modifications among owners of luxury SUVs. This might lead to a rise in demand for specialized parts and services, influencing the aftermarket industry to develop more products catering to this niche.
  • Impact on Genesis Brand Perception: For Genesis, this collaboration with delta4x4 could enhance the brand’s image among car enthusiasts. It showcases the GV70’s versatility and may attract buyers who want a vehicle that combines luxury with the potential for rugged use.
  • Influence on Automotive Design Trends: Project Overland could influence future designs in the luxury SUV segment, leading to more models designed with off-road capabilities from the outset. Manufacturers might start considering off-road performance as a key factor even in luxury models.
  • Showcase of Technical Expertise: For delta4x4, this project serves as a showcase of their technical prowess and creativity. It reinforces their reputation in the industry and among car enthusiasts, potentially leading to more high-profile collaborations in the future.
  • Inspiration for Enthusiasts and Collectors: The uniqueness and limited nature of such projects often attract collectors and enthusiasts who are keen on owning distinctive vehicles. This can stimulate interest in custom-modified vehicles, turning them into prized possessions within the car community.

Customization and Modification

The “Project Overland” modification of the Genesis GV70 by delta4x4 presents various pros and cons that can be considered from different perspectives:


  • Enhanced Off-Road Capability: The upgrades significantly improve the vehicle’s ability to handle off-road terrains, making it more versatile and functional for adventurous driving.
  • Unique Aesthetic Appeal: The modifications give the GV70 a distinctive look that stands out, appealing to those who value individuality and style in their vehicles.
  • Luxury with Functionality: This project combines the comfort and high-end features of a luxury SUV with the ruggedness of an off-road vehicle, offering a best-of-both-world experience.
  • Increased Vehicle Value: For certain collectors and enthusiasts, such bespoke modifications can increase the vehicle’s desirability and potentially its resale value.
  • Showcasing Innovation: The project demonstrates what’s possible in modern vehicle customization, pushing the boundaries and inspiring new trends in the automotive industry.


  • Potential Warranty Issues: Modifications can sometimes void the manufacturer’s warranty, leaving owners without support for any problems that arise.
  • Cost: Customizing a vehicle to this extent can be very expensive, limiting its appeal to a smaller segment of affluent enthusiasts.
  • Practicality for Daily Use: The modifications, while great for off-road, might compromise the vehicle’s practicality or comfort in everyday urban settings.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Customized vehicles often require specialized maintenance and repairs, which can be more costly and less convenient than standard vehicles.
  • Limited Production and Accessibility: Since such projects are often one-offs or limited in production, they are not easily accessible to the average consumer.
  • Impact on Ride Quality: Modifications like suspension lifts and larger tires can affect the vehicle’s ride quality, potentially making it less smooth or comfortable on regular roads.


“Project Overland” offers a unique blend of luxury and off-road capability, appealing to a niche market of car enthusiasts. However, the practicality and cost implications make it less accessible for the average consumer, positioning it as more of a specialty or collector’s item.

The Genesis GV70 “Project Overland” by delta4x4 is more than just a vehicle; it’s a statement about the evolving tastes and possibilities in the automotive world, appealing to a broad spectrum of car enthusiasts who value luxury, customization, and off-road capability.

The Genesis GV70 “Project Overland” by delta4x4 will be displayed at the Essen Motor Show at the Continental stand starting December 1st.


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