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Dodge Charger Daytona

Dodge stunned enthusiasts by unveiling preview images of the hotly anticipated next-gen 2024 Charger over a year before its launch. The striking pre-production electric vehicle retains the audacious styling and aggression of the Charger Daytona SRT concept in near-production form.

Exterior details like the Fratzog emblem and closed-off rear confirm EV power, while the Daytona badging suggests the potential for alternate combustion variants aside from the battery-electric spearhead. This unprecedented early look offers Dodge faithful much to hype as the brand redefines its iconic muscle car for an electrified future.

Dodge released early preview images of the next-generation 2024 Dodge Charger, showing the pre-production electric vehicle model ahead of its market launch. While keeping some elements hidden, the photos provide an unprecedented sneak peek at the future of Dodge’s iconic muscle car.


Styling Stays True To Bold Concept

The overall shape and design of the production Charger remains impressively faithful to the dramatic Dodge Charger Daytona SRT concept revealed last year. The most noticeable differences are a slightly taller roofline and conventional side mirrors rather than cameras. But otherwise, the sleek and aggressive styling has translated to the road-going car with minimal compromises.

Specific concept elements making it to production include:

  • Distinctive hood design with upper panel serving as a spoiler
  • Large main lower grille opening flanked by vertical side vents
  • Embossed Daytona rear script confirming name

So while toned down a bit for practicality, the production Charger maintains the bold, future-forward concept styling that turned so many heads.

Exterior Details Confirm Electric Power

Several exterior details clearly point to the next Charger being electric-only, at least initially:

  • Lack of any visible exhaust pipes or outlets
  • Fratzog badge on grille signifies EV “Fratzonic Chambered Exhaust” sound system
  • Embossed Daytona naming as the concept EV version

The Fratzog badges confirm Dodge’s simulated exhaust rumble technology makes it to production, giving the electric sedan an aural experience matching its aggressive looks. Between visuals and sound, the brand maintains its muscle car heritage even without V8 engines.

Potential For Hybrid or Combustion Versions Remains

While these images show an EV variant, rumors continue to swirl around a high-performance combustion engine option as well. Dodge stopped short of denying such rumors, which covered:

  • Twin-turbo inline-6 gas engine option
  • Regular “Charger” name for combustion version
  • Daytona badge exclusive to EV initially

The reveal images and Daytona rear script seem to reinforce the latter rumor. This potential for hybrid or gas variants leaves room for Dodge to offer a mix of electrified and old-school V8 muscle that retains brand heritage while leaping into the future.

New Information Confirms Excitement Is Justified

For Dodge fans and muscle car enthusiasts eagerly awaiting details on the next Charger, these early preview images give plenty to be excited about:

  • Striking concept styling reaches production with minimal compromises
  • EV model spearheads electrification while retaining signature aggressive Dodge appearance
  • Fratzonic simulated exhaust system brings aural theatrics marking a new EV era
  • Possible hybrid or combustion pairing leaves room for the V8 past even as the brand charges toward an electric future

After multiple teasers and the bold concept last year, consumers now get an early detailed look at the 2024 Charger EV over a year before it hits the market. Dodge has justified the anticipation and given its loyal fans plenty to be hyped about as it reimagines an icon for a new era.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the new Dodge Charger be available?

Dodge stated the 2024 Charger seen here is slated for availability late 2024. So roughly a year from the early preview images.

Will they still offer a V8 engine option?

That remains unconfirmed. Persistent rumors point to a high-output twin-turbo inline-6 as an alternative combustion engine, but a Hemi V8 can’t be fully ruled out yet.

What will the Charger EV’s range and power be?

Specific output and range details remain to be seen. The concept boasted impressive 800V architecture enabling 560 kW charging capability. Further specifications will emerge as 2024 nears.

Will there be a non-electric Dodge Charger?

Quite possibly. Dodge maintains some secrecy around a standard internal combustion engine Charger that could carry a different badge from the Daytona EV version revealed already.

What safety features will be included?

Safety details remain unannounced. However, we expect the latest driver assistance technologies and advanced systems like automatic emergency braking to feature given modern vehicle standards.

Hopefully the early reveal hints at an impressive flagship sedan retaining Dodge’s muscular heritage while embracing an electrified future with simulated exhaust drama giving EVs the brand’s audible edge. What’s your reaction to the preview? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Dodge had the muscle car world buzzing when it peeled back the curtain to reveal an early look at its charger of the future — the 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona EV. Showing the pre-production car with minimal camouflage, the photos provide a detailed preview of the styling, branding, and electric power that will define the next generation.

It’s a bold move to showcase so much so soon, but Dodge has never been shy about letting its brash and aggressive personality show through. For Charger fans and performance enthusiasts alike, this early inside look offers plenty to be pumped about as an iconic nameplate leads the push towards an electrified yet still outrageous future, complete with a serving of Fratzonic attitude. Dodge is once again set to stun the automotive world when this four-door speed demon arrives in late 2024.

The early reveal builds the hype and gets the conversation charging ahead. Dodge is clearly tuned in to its loyal base, who want heritage-laced theatrics paired with modern speed. The Daytona EV appears ready to deliver just that. What parts of the next Charger have you most thrilled based on what Dodge has shown already? Let the speculation and excitement run wild in the comments!

Sound Off In The Comments

Dodge wants to hear from you. What’s your reaction to the early reveal of the 2024 Charger Daytona EV? Let your voice be heard and join the conversation below!

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