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Luxury car sales in India saw strong growth in December 2023, revealed industry data from FADA. Mercedes retains pole position with 1,319 units sold, but BMW posted 30% yearly growth reaching 1,128 units on back of new model launches. Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo and niche brands like Porsche also showed solid increases versus December 2022.

Overall outlook remains positive for 2024 luxury car demand thanks to economic prospects, feature upgrades, new variants and easy finance schemes. Read more for a detailed analysis of December 2023 luxury auto sales figures and trends to expect in the coming year ahead.

Luxury Car Sales See Strong Growth in December 2023

The luxury car market in India finished 2023 on a high note, with most brands reporting solid sales growth in December compared to the same month last year. Industry data released by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) shows that despite economic headwinds, demand for premium vehicles remains robust.


Mercedes Holds Onto Pole Position Despite Marginal Drop

Mercedes-Benz continued its market leadership in the luxury segment by selling 1,319 units in December 2023. However, this was a slight decline of 4% from 1,379 units sold in December 2022.

The German marquee has traditionally been the most popular luxury brand in India thanks to high brand recall, wide dealership network and a diverse portfolio ranging from entry-level vehicles to ultra luxury models.

However, competition has heated up in recent times as rival BMW posted strong growth numbers in December 2023 while Mercedes volumes dropped marginally. Pricing aggression, new model launches and easy financing options have allowed the Bavarian brand to steadily expand its market share.

BMW Clocks 30% Growth on New Launches

BMW India recorded a 30% jump in yearly sales for December 2023, retailing 1,128 units versus 869 units in the same month last year. This has further strengthened its position as the second largest luxury car seller after Mercedes-Benz.

Industry experts pointed to new model launches such as the i7, X7 and 2 Series Gran Coupe for the brand’s robust performance. Attractive deals and financing packages around the holiday season also allowed BMW to tap into strong consumer demand.

With a refreshed portfolio now in place, BMW will be looking to sustain this sales momentum through 2024. The aim will be to reduce the gap with table-topper Mercedes-Benz in the coming months.

Jaguar Land Rover Sales Pick Up in Q4

British luxury car company Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) posted a 52% increase in December 2023 volumes by selling 272 units. This was a significant improvement from just 179 units retailed in December 2022.

However, JLR volumes continue to remain small compared to German rivals. Industry observers pointed out that new product launches such as the Range Rover, New Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Velar led to improved traction in the last quarter of 2023.

JLR and parent company Tata Motors would be satisfied with the recovery after sales were severely impacted due to supply chain issues earlier in 2023. But a stronger SUV portfolio with hybrid options remains key for JLR to boost volumes in 2024.

Volvo, Porsche, Audi Niche Brands Outperform

Among other luxury players in India, Volvo retailed 176 cars in December 2023, up from 160 units in the same month of 2022. Premium sports car maker Porsche also witnessed a big jump in volumes, selling 80 units versus just 32 units in December 2022.

Audi registered 70 units last month, over double of 31 units sold in December 2022. But being a completely built unit (CBU) brand with import restrictions, Audi’s volumes tend to fluctuate each month.

December is traditionally a strong month for retail car sales due to festive purchases and yearly bonuses. While the German trio of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi dominate the broader luxury space, niche players like Volvo and Porsche have also built strong brand equity and followership in India.

Overall, the numbers signal that the aspirational appeal of luxury vehicles remains undiminished among affluent Indian consumers. And established brands now face competition from relative newcomers aiming to grab a slice of this lucrative automotive segment.

Outlook for 2024: Key Factors Impacting Luxury Car Demand

Economic Growth Prospects

Purchases of premium vehicles are closely linked to overall consumer confidence and macroeconomic health. If India can maintain strong GDP growth momentum in 2024, demand conditions will remain conducive.

New Model Launches

With buyers expecting the latest international models, unveiling new versions and variants will be crucial for manufacturers to stay competitive.

Feature Upgrades

Adding more tech features and customization options caters to evolving Indian luxury car buyer preferences.

Dealer Network Expansion

Increasing sales touchpoints in Tier 2-3 cities will allow brands to tap potential demand outside major metros.

Attractive Financing Deals

Easy lending norms can persuade more customers to purchase expensive luxury vehicles instead of settling for mid-range options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which car brand topped December 2023 luxury vehicle sales in India?

A: Mercedes-Benz continued to lead luxury car sales with 1,319 units sold in December 2023. However, its sales dropped 4% versus 1,379 units retailed in December 2022.

Q: Which luxury car brand registered the highest year-on-year growth for December 2023?

A: BMW India posted the strongest growth numbers with a 30% increase in sales for December 2023 compared to the same month in 2022.

Q: What was Jaguar Land Rover’s sales performance in Q4 2023?

A: JLR managed to sell 272 units in December 2023, a solid 52% increase over 179 units sold in December 2022. This indicates recovering demand after a weak first half.

Q: How have niche luxury brands like Volvo and Porsche performed?

A: Niche luxury carmakers have built increasing consumer mindshare, with Volvo and Porsche both posting good growth in December 2023 over last year.

Q: What are the key factors that will impact luxury car demand in 2024?

A: Economic outlook, new model launches, feature upgrades, expanding dealer reach and easy financing will be crucial for luxury auto brands to boost sales in 2024.

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