Introduction to the McLaren Solus GT

The McLaren Solus GT is a groundbreaking hypercar, designed for track-only use. This single-seater, closed-cockpit machine is ultra-lightweight and extremely powerful. It boasts a naturally aspirated 5.2-liter V10 engine generates approximately 850 horsepower and revs up to 10,000 RPM. With only 25 units set to be produced, the Solus GT is a rare gem in the hypercar world.

Unique Design Philosophy

Unlike other track-oriented versions of existing hypercars such as the P1 GTR or Senna GTR, the Solus GT stands out. It is neither a sanitized version of a racecar nor a mere re-clothed iteration of an existing formula. The Solus GT represents a unique blend of open-wheel Formula car and prototype car (LMP2 level) philosophies without being derived directly from either.

Exceptional Lightweight Construction

The McLaren Solus GT weighs around 1,000 kilograms. This lightweight construction is immediately noticeable on the track, enhancing its agility and responsiveness. The car’s lightness is felt throughout every maneuver, making it a joy to drive for those who appreciate finely-tuned engineering.


Advanced Aerodynamics

The Solus GT features high downforce capabilities, thanks to its giant rear wing and front splitter. Additionally, it incorporates significant negative space in its design, including exposed front suspension and venturi tunnels run from the front to the back of the car. These features contribute to its exceptional aerodynamics, ensuring stability and performance at high speeds.

Innovative Suspension System

In addition to standard dampers, the Solus GT is equipped with heave dampers on both the front and rear. These dampers limit the car’s squat under downforce loads, enhancing its stability and handling. The front heave damper is visible through the windshield, a testament to the car’s intricate engineering.

Closed-Cockpit with Jet-Fighter Style Canopy

The Solus GT features a closed cockpit with a glass-domed canopy slides open in a jet-fighter style. The roof has a large cut-out can be popped off in case of an emergency. This design not only enhances safety but also provides a futuristic and aggressive look to the car.

Unobstructed View with Wrap-Around Windshield

The car’s wrap-around windshield with a “halo” bridge and no A-pillars offers an unobstructed view, providing an immersive driving experience. The entire windshield can be dislodged and removed in case of an emergency, further emphasizing the car’s focus on safety and performance.

Powerful Naturally Aspirated V10 Engine

The Solus GT’s naturally aspirated V10 engine, built by Judd, delivers an exhilarating auditory experience. This old-school racing engine produces a distinct and powerful sound enhances the overall driving experience, making every moment on the track thrilling.

High-Performance Transmission

The car is equipped with a 7-speed motorsport transmission by Xtrac, designed to handle the immense power and speed of the Solus GT. This transmission ensures smooth and rapid gear changes, contributing to the car’s exceptional performance on the track.

Direct and Responsive Steering

The Solus GT features very direct steering, which is a significant departure from GT racecars. Tiny inputs result in substantial direction changes, similar to open-wheel formula cars. However, drivers need to recalibrate their brains, as the Solus GT has a higher center of gravity and is larger and slightly heavier, resulting in more noticeable weight transfer.

Incredible Stopping Power

With carbon-carbon brakes and lightweight construction, the Solus GT boasts incredible stopping power. Unlike open-wheel formula cars, the Solus GT is equipped with ABS, allowing for easier braking and trail-braking. This feature enhances the car’s overall control and safety on the track.

Unmatched Performance Compared to Senna GTR

During a track session, the formidable McLaren Senna GTR was no match for the Solus GT. The Solus GT’s superior design, power, and agility allowed it to outperform the Senna GTR, showcasing its dominance and unparalleled track capabilities.

Futuristic and Aggressive Design

The phrase “looks like a spaceship” is often used to describe extreme cars, but it is especially apt for the Solus GT. Its futuristic and aggressive design, combined with its advanced engineering and performance, makes it a standout in the world of hypercars.


The McLaren Solus GT is a remarkable achievement in automotive engineering. Its unique blend of open-wheel Formula car and prototype car philosophies, combined with its lightweight construction, advanced aerodynamics, and powerful engine, make it an exceptional track-only hypercar. Driving the Solus GT at Circuit of the Americas is an unforgettable experience, highlighting McLaren’s commitment to innovation and performance.

via Team BHP

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