Chinese-owned Italian motorcycle manufacturer, Benelli, has been diligently revamping its model lineup in recent years. One of their latest offerings is the TRK 552X, a parallel-twin-powered adventure bike that aims to dominate the entry-level segment. To ensure they remain competitive in the middleweight category, Benelli has also updated its TRK 702X model, albeit without introducing any new technological or performance enhancements. This is understandable, given that the TRK 702X is already a relatively new platform.

Instead of focusing on technical upgrades, Benelli has taken inspiration from Suzuki and introduced a visually striking new colorway for the TRK 702X, named Dune Sea. This new colorway draws inspiration from arid desert landscapes, capturing the essence of off-the-grid adventure riding. Let’s delve deeper into the features, performance, and significance of this new colorway for the Benelli TRK 702X.

The Appeal of the Dune Sea Colorway

The Dune Sea colorway is designed to evoke images of vast, arid desert landscapes, synonymous with adventure and exploration. This sand-like finish not only enhances the rugged appearance of the bike but also aligns with the aesthetics commonly associated with adventure vehicles. Similar color schemes have been successfully employed by other brands, such as the Kawasaki KLR 650 and the Toyota Land Cruiser 250, underscoring their appeal to adventure enthusiasts.


By introducing the Dune Sea colorway, Benelli aims to capture the attention of riders who appreciate both the visual and functional aspects of their motorcycles. The colorway’s connection to off-road adventures and the spirit of exploration makes it an ideal choice for those seeking to venture into challenging terrains.

Engine and Performance: Reliable Middleweight ADV

While the new colorway adds a fresh visual dimension to the TRK 702X, the core specifications and performance features remain unchanged. The TRK 702X is powered by a 698cc parallel-twin engine, which, despite lacking a modern 270-degree crank, delivers reliable performance. Instead, it features a 180-degree parallel twin configuration, reminiscent of models like the Kawasaki Versys 650 and the Honda NX500. This engine setup provides a balanced mix of power and efficiency, making it suitable for a wide range of riding conditions.

With 75 horsepower on tap, the TRK 702X holds its own in the competitive middleweight adventure motorcycle segment. This power output ensures that the bike can keep pace with other middleweight ADVs, at least on paper. Riders can expect a capable and versatile machine that performs well both on and off the road.

Availability and Pricing: Competitive Advantage

Benelli has announced that the TRK 702X in the Dune Sea colorway will soon be available across Europe. In the United States, the TRK 702X is offered in four distinct color options: Anthracite Grey, Forest Green, White, and Moon Grey. This variety allows riders to choose a color that best suits their personal preferences and style.

One of the standout features of the TRK 702X is its competitive pricing. Priced at $8,499 USD, it is at least a thousand dollars cheaper than many other middleweight adventure bikes in its class. This affordability factor enhances the bike’s appeal, especially for budget-conscious riders seeking a capable and stylish adventure motorcycle.

Design and Aesthetics: A Nod to Adventure

The design of the TRK 702X reflects its adventure-oriented DNA. The Dune Sea colorway, in particular, accentuates the bike’s ruggedness and readiness for off-road escapades. The sand-like finish not only looks visually appealing but also signifies the bike’s capability to tackle challenging terrains.

The bike’s overall design features a robust frame, high ground clearance, and a comfortable riding position. These elements combine to create a motorcycle that is not only visually striking but also practical for long-distance rides and off-road adventures. The Dune Sea colorway further enhances this adventurous appeal, making the TRK 702X a compelling choice for riders who crave exploration and excitement.

Comparison with Competitors: Holding Its Ground

In the competitive middleweight adventure motorcycle segment, the Benelli TRK 702X faces stiff competition from established brands. Models like the Yamaha Tenere 700, Honda CB500X, and Suzuki V-Strom 650 are popular choices among adventure riders. However, the TRK 702X holds its ground by offering a unique combination of affordability, performance, and aesthetics.

While it may not boast the latest technological advancements, the TRK 702X’s reliable 698cc engine and competitive pricing make it a viable option for riders seeking a capable and budget-friendly adventure bike. The introduction of the Dune Sea colorway further enhances its appeal, providing a distinctive visual identity that sets it apart from its competitors.

Riding Experience: Versatility and Comfort

The Benelli TRK 702X is designed to deliver a versatile and comfortable riding experience. The bike’s ergonomic design ensures that riders can maintain a comfortable posture during long journeys, reducing fatigue and enhancing overall comfort. The high ground clearance and sturdy suspension system enable the TRK 702X to handle rough terrains with ease, providing a smooth and controlled ride.

The 698cc parallel-twin engine, while not groundbreaking, offers sufficient power for both on-road and off-road adventures. The bike’s balanced performance makes it suitable for various riding conditions, from city commuting to long-distance touring and off-road exploration. Riders can expect a reliable and enjoyable riding experience, whether navigating urban streets or tackling challenging trails.

Market Reception and Future Prospects

The introduction of the Dune Sea colorway for the TRK 702X has generated positive buzz among motorcycle enthusiasts and adventure riders. The visually appealing design, combined with the bike’s competitive pricing, positions it as an attractive option in the middleweight adventure segment. Benelli’s strategic focus on aesthetics and affordability has resonated with riders who value both style and performance.

Looking ahead, Benelli’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation will play a crucial role in maintaining the TRK 702X’s market relevance. As the adventure motorcycle segment evolves, incorporating new technologies and features will be essential to staying competitive. However, the current iteration of the TRK 702X, with its striking Dune Sea colorway, is well-positioned to capture the interest of adventure enthusiasts seeking a reliable and stylish ride.

Conclusion: A Compelling Choice for Adventure Riders

In summary, the Benelli TRK 702X, now available in the striking Dune Sea colorway, offers a compelling option for adventure riders seeking a capable and visually appealing motorcycle. While it may not feature cutting-edge technology, the TRK 702X’s reliable performance, competitive pricing, and distinctive design make it a worthy contender in the middleweight adventure segment.

The Dune Sea colorway, inspired by arid desert landscapes, adds a rugged and adventurous touch to the bike, aligning with the spirit of off-road exploration. Benelli’s strategic focus on aesthetics and affordability has resulted in a motorcycle that appeals to riders who value both style and functionality.

As Benelli continues to innovate and expand its model range, the TRK 702X, with its new colorway, stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering quality adventure motorcycles. For riders seeking a versatile and budget-friendly adventure bike, the TRK 702X in Dune Sea colorway is certainly worth considering.


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