August marks the heart of the new motorcycle announcement season, and this year, 2023 is no exception. Motorcycle manufacturers typically unveil some of the upcoming year’s models during this time, building anticipation for the major announcements leading up to EICMA in November.


Amidst these calendar milestones, the thrill of uncovering clues before official announcements is invigorating. For enthusiasts who relish a good puzzle, delving into official documents, such as the Executive Orders from the California Air Resources Board (CARB), becomes a treasure trove of insights.


Consider the example of the 2024 Ducati Supersport family and CARB’s Executive Order. CARB, responsible for vehicle emissions standards in California, often sets trends for the entire US market due to the state’s stringent regulations. Therefore, analyzing CARB documents can yield valuable global insights into upcoming models.



The focus here is on the 2024 Ducati SuperSport. CARB documents categorize models by engine and family, which aids in understanding groupings and trends. In 2023, Ducati listed two Supersport 950 models: the Supersport 950 and the SuperSport 950 S.


However, the 2024 SuperSport family’s CARB filing reveals intriguing additions. Alongside familiar listings for the Supersport lineup, two novel designations emerge: “Ducati SuperSport S T” and “Ducati SuperSport T.”

Here are some of the possible features the new SuperSport S T and SuperSport T models might have:

  • Larger fuel tank for longer range
  • More comfortable seats and riding position
  • Windscreen and handguards for wind protection
  • Luggage carrying capacity
  • Cruise control
  • Electronic suspension

A glance at Ducati’s current lineup showcases an array of models catering to diverse rider preferences. From Panigale to Scrambler, Ducati spans numerous segments. Notably absent are strong Touring or Sport Touring options, which these new designations might aim to address.


The “T” could stand for “Turismo,” suggesting a foray into touring motorcycles, a segment avidly embraced by enthusiasts seeking comfortable long-distance rides.

As of August 21, 2023, Ducati’s 2024 World Première calendar awaits, starting in September. While this year lacks teaser titles for each episode, the excitement remains palpable. Despite the absence of explicit links, the anticipation mounts for the changes these new models will usher in.


In the realm of motorcycles, where passion meets innovation, piecing together clues amplifies the thrill of new releases. As the industry hurtles toward the grand stage of EICMA, expect official announcements to unravel the mysteries and unveil the next chapter in Ducati’s evolution.

Source: California Air Resources Board

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