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Royal Enfield is renowned for its constant innovation, consistently working on new motorcycle models. The upcoming Bullet motorcycle lineup is generating considerable anticipation, with the company’s test mules frequently spotted on Indian roads, fine-tuning the bikes for imminent release.

Here are some of the things we can expect from the new Bullet 350

  • The new 350cc J-series engine
  • A new chassis and suspension setup
  • Modern styling inspired by the classic Bullet models
  • Updated features and technology

Bullet motorcycle lineup

Recent sightings of the Bullet 350 in the past year fueled speculation about its potential launch. In late July 2023, a teaser video with the distinctive thumping sound of the 350cc engine made the rounds on Indian news sites, strongly suggesting the impending release of the Bullet 350. Royal Enfield confirmed this on August 20, 2023, through the same video and announced a major launch event for the new Bullet line on September 1, 2023.


A visit to the Royal Enfield India homepage on August 21, 2023, reveals a short video showcasing various Bullet logos, accompanied by a countdown clock to the September 1 launch date. The logos represent models like Bullet 350, Bullet 500, Bullet E, Bullet Electra, and Bullet Sixty-5.


The hashtag “Bullet Meri Jaan,” translating to “Bullet My Life” in Hindi, is being used to encourage Bullet fans across India to share their photos, stories, and memories with these iconic motorcycles, showcasing the brand’s rich legacy.

Bullet logos

While Royal Enfield’s plans for a significant Bullet launch on September 1, 2023, are clear, the number of bikes involved remains uncertain. The Bullet Electra might be a variant of the new Bullet 350, and the Bullet E, Bullet 500, and Bullet Sixty-5 raise questions about their role. Royal Enfield has previously used these names for Bullet models, and it’s possible that some could make a return in the new lineup.

Though Royal Enfield is developing its first electric motorcycle, it’s unlikely to be ready for public release until 2025. The name “Bullet E” could potentially denote this electric model, following the industry trend of using “E” for electric vehicles.

Emissions Compliance

The speculation about reviving older Bullet names suggests that Royal Enfield seeks to honour its heritage while adapting to changing market demands and stricter emissions regulations. This could include potentially introducing a new Bullet 500 model, possibly heralding an entirely new 500cc platform designed with emissions compliance in mind.

To stay updated, enthusiasts should monitor official announcements from Royal Enfield for accurate and up-to-date information regarding the new Bullet motorcycle lineup and any potential variants.

Source: Royal Enfield

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