ERacer showcased two models at EICMA 2018 that took inspiration from Zero FXS. Among the two one of the prototype was Rugged is custom made and revamped to deliver it to customers in 2020 spring


The Rugged comes with few classy atrributes like

  • Aluminium auxuliary light weight frame that is easily tied or towed with the help mobility vehicle to take it from one place to another.
  • Zero FXS is army purpose motorcycle and E-Racer entirely made a new charachter out of it.

The other specs that Rugged comes with is rear and front lights are full LEDs and comes homlogated from Germany. Now that being said LED tehcnology is on the next level as the front headlight has two polyellipsoidal micro units with a width of 4cm.


 What is more astonishing to see is Rugged gets underseat storage space . The underseat storage space also has hydraulic pistons connected with aluminum structure that is laser cut with Rugged blacklit logo.

Underseat storage comes with double usb socket and is capable to store 15 cm charging cable or rain jacket . Whereby you can easily charge your bike anytime anywhere.

E-Racer has made the charging process easier, the position of the socket is under seat. So that it gets protection from dirt or bad weather.

Saddle is flat and long and helps carry three people easily and is had made by the E-Racer squad.

The 12 small “Eagle Eye” led lights helps rider to have 360° illuminated view at night on 

 The Area between the under saddle and between the rider legs augmented with Line X i,e a durable armor paint also an ex-military patent. This armor paint makes the components scratch resistant.

E-RAF: The E-Racer Audio-Force back system 

Well, to build a high-quality bike. The build has not only to be limited to its quality components. But the bike should be safe and should also provide a high-quality performance to its rider.

Therefore the team did have audio system experts, sound engineers, and programmers that worked cohesively to make an app and hardware meet this requirement — called as ERAF – E-Racer Audio-Force back that is going to be provided to all the customers.

How does E-RAF Work?

ERAF is a combination of hardware as well BT app that is capable of making low and high sound frequencies with two functions.

  • The first function is to notify road users that there are electric vehicles present. In the vicinity as the low frequencies are audible effortlessly. The trebles help understand the direction of any vehicle.
  • The second function provides feedback to the rider. The subsonic speaker makes vibrations, and these are updated as per the speed of the motorcycle to give rider feeling of sensorial.

Price Tag

The EDGE starts from 6.000 euro + motorcycle price. The first five units to be delivered by spring 2020.


Max Power: 46 hp (34 kW)
Torque: 106 Nm
Speed : 137 km/h
Charging Time: With max accessory chargers: 1.8 hours (100% charged) / 1.3 hours (95% charged)
City Range: 161 km – Highway, 113 km/h: 64 km
Weight: 136 Kg
Frame: Aircraft-grade
Wheels:  front 120/70-17 – Rear 140/70 x 17
Body:  Kevlar and carbon fiber, 3d printed nylon, Eco leather and Alcantara® Seat with tailored seams

Source : ERacer

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