We have seen there were 2019 Kawasaki models ZX-10R and ZX-10RR unveiled, but the 2020 model has only ZX-10R. However, there is no ZX-10RR on the list.

Kawasaki 2020 ZX-10R unveiled with the change in the paint scheme. The 2020 Kawasaki ZX-10R has the same specs as that of 2019. The bike is more refined and executed by the Kawasaki Racing team at Kawasaki Japan plant.

World champion Jonathan Rea also endorses that. How does the 2019 variant add value? The rear suspension arrangement adds excellent performance to the overall package.


Exclusively made Ohlins that helps to provide the right damping again that is on the speed of the motorcycle.

There was no news of ZX-10RR at EIMCA 2019, as well. In October 2019, we received updates about the ZX-10RR about Kawasaki is in the process of making the announcement soon. Now we have an update that the annoucment date of ZX-10RR is in 2020.

The new ZX-10RR is expected in 2021.

Kawasaki ZX10RR
As far as the 2019 ZX-10RR it is a genuine track contender. That comes with Marchesini wheels, and at the front, it gets Brembo M50 calipers.

These were limited to only 500 copies worldwide. Peak Horsepower was 204PS.Now going one step further, we hear Kawasaki is going to make a big announcement in 2020 about ZX-10RR.

However, now it is going to be more interesting as Honda has already brought a new CBR1000RRRThe new CBR1000RRR effectively churns 160Kw. That is close to 214 HP. Plus, Ducati already has its V4.

The question that we see coming is will the new Kawasaki ZX-10RR match the power figures of Honda CBR1000RR and Ducati V4?

Well, we earlier said Kawasaki wouldn’t remain behind.

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