How will the next Kawasaki Ninja H2 be?

 How will the next Kawasaki Ninja H2 be?

About Kawasaki Ninja H2

In 2014 Kawasaki gave birth to one of the most prolific bikes that were born to be a leader on the streets. The bike in lay man’s terms was fast and was capable of producing 200HP, and most importantly, the H2 is street legal.

Lineage of H2 goes back in 1972 when H2R 750 comes on the scene. The plan was shrewd, a 750cc triple had substantial measurement cylinders, and with them arrived immense width.No ordinary properties required for a world-class racer.

The Kawasaki configuration squad handled this issue by enabling tremendous communcation.While the channel ports and exhausts stayed inclined, this issue was resolved.

The first version is the H2R. The elder sibling of H2 i.e., is not street legal. However, H2 is street legal.Result motorcycle enthusiasts very well received the H2. 

Because of the way it carried itself, plus, it boasted more power like an accomplished drag racer with a well-balanced structure and self-styled class.

New components, like Ohlins rear shock absorbers, as well as mapping, was added in 2017 by Kawasaki. 

This variant gets more muscles in terms of power, a dynamic colorful speedo.Other goodies are like a self-healing paint scheme that allows scratches to repair themselves.

New Bridgestone BATTLAX RS11 sport tires contribute to improved handling while new Brembo Stylema monobloc brake calipers set the bar high in braking performance.

Well-poised character 

Well, when you own Cheetah, you expect to run it like a Cheetah, and that is what the H2 is all about.

Even though the H2 weighs 238 kgs with its firm grip and new tires, it gives you more confidence both on track on the street.

You won’t feel the weight of the bike when you start the ignition. The only worrying point is the seat if you are riding for long; you may sometimes find it uncomfortable.

At the corners, it is sharp doesn’t lack any confidence, it boosts your morale, and that is what we like about this bike. More power comes with more balance.

The Heart 

Put on a starter, and the 998cc inline 4-cylinder supercharged engine gets instantly to life with a growl that the streets won’t forget easily. 

The engine generates a max power of 206 bhp and goes to a top speed of 186 mph i.e., 299 km/h. In any rpm, the H2 goes butter smooth as you pull the throttle.


Beneath the trellis frame lays the monstrous engine capable of clock 299 km/h. The trellis frame is also responsible for giving better rider experience in terms of sharp and responsive handling. 

The entire structure of H2 is dependent on the trellis frame that makes the H2 brawnier.

Tech Goodies

To complement its looks, the H2 gets stylish analog tacho with TFT LCD useful for a rider.LED is used for all the equipment.Also, via IDEOLOGY THE APP, the rider can see the data of vehicles like riding logs, phone notifications, and more.

  H2 comes in only one paint scheme, “Mirror coated spark black “, plus also gets LED number plates.The H2 has two higher variants H2 Carbon that comes with carbon fiber structure and gets more color schemes. 

The H2R is the eldest and the most powerful of all and churns 322 bhp of power.Of course, you are bound to ride on track as H2R is not a street-legal variant.

Now, what is expected to change in the new H2?

  • Variable cowling: Kawasaki has made the variable cowling. The function of the cowls, especially the rear ones, will help the rider to get a stable riding experience. This is the same as that of the rear variable spoiler in the supercar.
  • We also get to know that Kawasaki may increase acceleration performance with the help of acceleration control.
  • The new Ninja H2 is expected to get new tires for better performance.
  • Supercharger and ECU to get updated.
  • 26PS/500 rpm Horsepower is expected to rise.
  • Ninja H2 will be aligned to new Euro 5 emission norms
  • Also, the torque will come to 8.2 Nm / 1,000 rpm up.

Annoucement and Release Date 

  • Kawasaki is expected to announce the new Ninja H2 in 2020 and release date is expected to be 2021.

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