This middle-upper displacement tourer Honda NC750 X does not get any update apart from the new paint schemes that Honda has introduced for NC750X and is only for Europe.

  • Power Output: 54.0 HP
  • Seat Height: 830 mm
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 14.1 L
  • Fuel Consumption: 80.8 mpg
  • Kerb Weight: 220 kg
  • Engine: 74cc Parallel Twin
  • Wheels: 17″ Cast aluminum wheels
  • Dual-clutch transmission
  • Steel Truss Frame for better durability 

All remains the same when compared with the earlier version. The Honda NC750X is available in two trims and 

  • NC750X priced at £7,099 in UK and 
  • NC750X DCT ABS priced at £7,799

What is interesting to see is the technology that Honda has used for the elder trim NC750X DCT ABS. With Honda’s Selectable Torque Control the rider gets the option to select the level so that there is some additional movement in the rear wheel.


The second wheel helps to reduce the wheel movement.

Source : Honda 

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