Inspired by Zero Motorcycles, E-Racer brings two new motorcycles. They are The Edge, a Zero SR / F Cafe Racer, and the RUGGED Mark2. Edge and Mark 2 are based on Zero FXS and scheduled to be in production as well as set for sales from 2020 spring.

E-Racer EDGE: The Hypersport ZERO SR/F Cafe Racer

Build with the help of the latest Zero Motorcycles SR/F. Edge is custom build takes cues from three various parts

  • The side fuel tank area.
  • Headlights at the front and
  • Rear tail.


As far as structure goes, the bodywork built without any amends to the original version. On the base model, the new equipment is fitted while maintaining its homologation.


Bike now is lighter when compared with the original variant. The design also has cues that are both a mix of sport and classic bikes. That makes it even look more subtle.

The fuel tank that is partly modified looks more sleek and stylish. The front unit is barely minimal. The Edge gets clipons similar to sportbike; saddle is handmade with unique stitching that again is hand made.

Livery has CNC steering plate, Air Tender at the rear, the racing wave brakes, and suspension unit that makes the essential list of amendments.

What makes the livery more influential is a front unit that has LEDs that have only 7cm in diameter. The unit consists of one headlight with three varied functions like a high and low beam, and of course, position light.

However, the character of the bike looks different because of the two LED daylights. Components are made in Germany and entirely homologated.

Paint Scheme

Area between the under saddle and between the rider legs augmented with Line X i,e a durable armor paint also an ex-military patent. This armor paint makes the components scratch resistant.

E-RAF: The E-Racer Audio-Force back system 

Well, to build a high-quality bike. The build has not only to be limited to its quality components. But the bike should be safe and should also provide a high-quality performance to its rider.

Therefore the team did have audio system experts, sound engineers, and programmers that worked cohesively to make an app and hardware meet this requirement — called as ERAF – E-Racer Audio-Force back that is going to be provided to all the customers.

How does E-RAF Work?

ERAF is a combination of hardware as well BT app that is capable of making low and high sound frequencies with two functions.

  • The first function is to notify road users that there are electric vehicles present in the vicinity as the low frequencies are audible effortlessly. The trebles help understand the direction of any vehicle.
  • The second function provides feedback to the rider. The subsonic speaker makes vibrations, and these are updated as per the speed of the motorcycle to give rider feeling of sensorial.

Price Tag

The EDGE starts from 6.000 euro + motorcycle price. The first five units to be delivered by spring 2020.


Max Power: 110 hp (82 kW)
Torque: 190 Nm
Speed : 200 km/h
Charging Time: 1 hour (95% charged)
Range City: 259 km – Highway (speed 113 km/h) 132 km
Weight: 220 Kg
Structure: Kevlar and carbon fiber, 3d printed nylon, Eco-leather and Alcantara® Seat with tailored seams
Engine/Motor: Z-Force 75-10 permanent magnet AC motor
Input: Standard 110 V or 220
Transmission: Clutchless direct drive
Battery:14.4 kWh

Source : ERacer

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