A while back Hades 1 went for prototyping. Limited to only 45 copies Curtiss components are to be received by designer JT Nesbitt.

JT Nesbitt is an acclaimed designer who had joined Curtiss in June 2018 and had unveiled its first design of Hades. The design JT Nesbitt had unveiled is as below.

It is expected that the designer will start to assemble the first Hades 1 prototype by November 2019. Curtiss says the components are built to last and they do have few moving parts that are operated in a special temperature-controlled environment.


Also, Curtiss has designed storage controlled technology that is said to improve by age. Interesting now it does mean the motorcycle will improve as time goes.

The design is not only striking but also different in style. Possibly a new variant of Cafe Racer and the shape of things to come.

Source : Curtiss


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