Custom : “Type 18” from Auto Fabrica is raw and deadly.

 Custom : “Type 18” from Auto Fabrica is raw and deadly.

Autofabrica doesnt need any introduction based in Britian they are team of two brothers Bujar and Gazmend Muharremi and offcourse they have been building some cool customs in the past whether its Type 11, Type 6, Type 9 or type 7 D each motorcycle as its own identity.

For Type 18 they were requested to build and design study that was based on the BMW R Nine T. Apart from the hand made work that they did the were also helped by 3D Printer in the project.

Frame is original . Cowl parts are taken over till cylinders. Seat is covered by Alcantara. 3d Printer has helped in designing the holder for headlight Front end forks were substituted with short forks from S 1000 RR.

This low position cafe racer looks good with all the integrated components.

Hand made exhaust system is made by hand and are two curved tubes beautifully fitted. Single air filters for intake area.
Also handmade lids are made available for cylinder.

Taillight and indicators were made by acrylic illuminated material.Also there were various components that were taken from the Option 719 and were installed on the engine.

Pic Credits : BMW and Auto Fabrica

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Akash Dolas

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